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ShineOn™ was created to help you come home to yourself

"I know because when I was first inspired to create it, it helped me find my way back to myself. I don't want you to have to struggle with this. I'm here to help you cultivate your own personal clarity so that you can absolutely love who you are becoming.

  • Lucy is a communications expert with a degree in Business Communications and a career in Marketing Communications and Business Development.

  • She has over 20 years of experience researching communications psychology and mapping human behaviour and impulse patterns.

  • She has spent over 5 years refining the ShineOn™ Method and its tools, including her signature tool, the powerful Clarity Map for self-activation.  

She has created an experience like no other. A journey inward that promises to shift your perspective towards the possibilities of your future. Along with the tools to help you get there. To get started you'll need to figure out which phase of life you are in.

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Lucy created ShineOn™

to help you love who you are becoming

so that you can create the life of your dreams

—while saving you time, stress and money

Come back home to yourself. Discover who you are truly meant to become to live your best life.

-Lucy Colangelo

You've been there


You’ve thought about your future, discouraged at having no clear direction.

Or you’ve come to realize your life doesn’t match who you are on the inside.

Or you’ve been searching for a way of processing all that’s happening in your life.

Or you’ve looked in the mirror and just felt lost and defeated.

Mental health issues are on the rise and this suggests that our minds are consumed with worrying more than anything else— and it all adds up. Take our appearance, or money, health, family, relationships, careers, professional success are all stressors that take us out of feeling like we're really making it in life.

If you think that's not true for you... 


Next time you are alone, notice where your thoughts go. Do you think of something in your life that you don’t like? When you get ready for your day,  do you dread what’s ahead. Do you struggle to get excited about what’s on your schedule? Do you ever avoid thoughts about the future? Or hold back from sharing how you’re really doing with the people in your life because of how you feel?

All those little moments of anxiety add up.

And honestly, they’re depleting your life.

I promise you life doesn’t have to be this way.

We're smarter than ever. 


We know it’s time to stop believing we’re not enough. But we continue feeling dissatisfied in life. We may think that other people have figured it out because they are special in some way that we are not. They are special in their way and so are you. It is possible for you to really get to know yourself and discover what's possible for your life. I have the information and tools to help you stop feeling that shame, stop it for our children, and stop it for all those to come after us.


It's time for a new conversation.

One that’s anchored in the future you are creating for yourself. This approach sets you free because it is not rooted in the past and embraces the miraculous unfoldment that is your life. 

I came to this understanding because on the inside, I used to be so frustrated with the way my life was going.

I’m Lucy Colangelo, and for years, I struggled and felt shame about how I thought my career should have gone and my lack of professional success. I was really hard on myself because I felt incomplete in who I had become.

Somewhere in what I call my 'in between' I realized I wasn't really living my best life. I wasn't really living the maxed-out highest version of what was possible for me and our future.

The reality of how I felt about myself didn't match my life. Sort of a me + life = meaningful contribution to humanity type of calculation and mine wasn't adding up or balancing.

Check it out, I married the love of my life and we created our family by welcoming two magical nuggets. We had a beautiful home in a fantastic neighborhood, close to family and friends, and we were building a wonderful life.

Then, in 2013, I made a discovery that changed everything for me.

Have you ever noticed that some people have it all figured out while others are in the process of getting there? Some live life more ambitiously and others have a softer, more laid back approach?

It’s obvious that everyone is unique and have their own aspirations.

But here’s something not so obvious:

Your unique way of processing your life connects to the phase you’re in.

This wasn't a conversation I had ever had with anyone. To me, it seemed like everyone had it figured out and I was the one that didn't get it.

Well, now I understood that this is not something that you set and forget, it fluctuates and changes. Just knowing that sets you free. It develops your resilience, helps to bring your life meaning and helps you make progress in feeling stuck.

I finally understood, my 'in between', was my awakening to the bigger picture of my life. Feeling lost was the evidence that there are phases and I was moving through to another one.

In other words... 


...if you’re just starting to figure yourself out, you will naturally be more curious and open about exploring the possibilities for your future-no matter your age. Or if you know who you are and what you were born to do, you will express yourself with more clarity and confidence. 

How we arrive at this understanding is also not linear, it's dynamic and experiential. You may be a young person who is in high-school trying to figure out what they want to do with their life for the first time and you may also be in your 50s and realizing you want more out of life and yourself. This is not a discussion that gets had once when your college applications are due and then you're put on a track to set it and forget it.

Look around the world 


You’ll find a huge variety of beautiful people: learning, healing, growing, discovering, seeking, mastering at all stages and phases. Every person expresses their unique place in their journey and that’s worth celebrating. We need an easy way to process and talk about this. That's what the ShineOn™ Method is all about. It's a tool to support this conversation.

Our linear way of thinking is out-dated, limits our ability to figure things out, hijacks our agility with decision making, arrests our resilience and ultimately takes us out of the game of life. This is unhelpful, unproductive and just plain wrong. 

We need to adapt a more flexible, creative and dynamic approach if we’re ever going to get the most out of ourselves, our young people and anyone looking to reinvent themselves and unlock their true potential.

We need to see that there are 3 main ways to describe these places along our journey.


I call them the 3 Phases of life.

When you live your life in a way that's in alignment with your Phase of life, you feel great and amazing things start to happen.


Which one of these Phases best describes you?

Open and Curious
Phase 1 of Life -

You are in Discovery

If you are in this Phase of life, your inner light is yet to be discovered. You’re working on figuring out what it is that lights you up.

Details and Fine Tuning
Phase 2 of Life -

You are in Clarity

If you are in this Phase of life, your discoveries are leading you to search for details. Your goal is to bring the gimpses of who you are wanting to become into focus.

Focused & In Action
Phase 3 of Life -

You are in Mastery

If you are in this Phase of life, your inner drive comes out to make the clarity you gained in Phase 2 come to life! You feel powerful and are moved into action. You are making your dreams and vision for your future a reality.

When you discover your Phase of life, amazing things happen. You understand yourself better. You find strengths you didn’t know you had. And you can express who you are with confidence. It’s a transformative process.

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Discovering my own Phase of life was life-changing. 


As a woman who was definitely deep into the Mastery phase getting knocked back into the Discovery phase took a little while to wake up to. I was not conscious or connected to my internal guidance and definitely did not come to this realization gracefully!

Every time I tried to “fix” my life by applying to yet another job that matched all my things (you know… interests, skills, credentials, experience, and even passion…), I felt like I was betraying myself, and things got messy. It was like I was trying to button myself up into a suit when all I wanted to do is rock-out. What you see for your life when you use a very narrow scope isn’t the whole picture and it distorts what is actually your true passion and potential.

Over several years, I discovered how to connect with my true self — and I’ll help you do that, too.

I developed a processing system that now guides people through discovering their Phase of life so they can ShineOn™ as who they truly are. They understand themselves, love themselves and finally feel comfortable with where they are at in life.

ShineOn™ will help you to discover and know your truth so you can consciously create a life that tells the world,
“This is the real me.”

It’s time for you to feel more confident about your life than ever.


I’m 45 and I feel better than I ever have in my life. I love myself inside and out—and I know what to do to express the real me.

I want that experience for you, too!


Get the free Phase Finder PDF

What if you could know your Phase and start to ShineOn™ in less than an hour?
You can, with my free Phase Finder. In 5 simple videos, I’ll teach you all the basics.

1. It’s easy to discover your Phase of life

You are unique—and so is your life! In the first step, you’ll learn about what key factors determine the 3 Phases and discover which Phase of life you are currently in.

2. See how to consciously flow in your daily life

Ever felt defeated… and you just woke up? No more! Set yourself free! We'll show you exactly how to tune in to get yourself started in the most empowering way for your phase.

3. Learn to uncover your passion and potential through self-activation

We'll show you exactly what to look for so you can start to find clarity and bring meaning into your life. This will help you make progress in your current phase right away.

4. Finally have fun expressing who you are in a life you love.

We'll show you how to create flow with an outlook for your day and life that has structure and feels 100% authentic to you. We're certain you'll be eager to just go for it!

5. Bring it all together!

Everyone deserves to love their life. We'll show you how to process life and ShineOn™ every day. You will feel amazingly aligned, even as your phases change, throughout your life.

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Tomorrow, you’ll get up and get going with your day. And the next day. And the next day.

Will that experience leave you discouraged or empowered?

Imagine waking up and loving your life. Imagine having more clarity and attracting more opportunities in all areas of your life. Imagine being confident. Imagine being successful. Imagine feeling fulfilled in every step along your journey. Imagine having an awesome day every day. Imagine taking all the energy you used to spend feeling lost and struggling to now being free to pursue interesting challenges, taking on new opportunities, creative pursuits, and living your purpose with passion and to your fullest potential. 

I know that ShineOn™ will make an incredible difference for you—and not only in how you see yourself in your life. It will also improve your self-worth, confidence and literally elevate every aspect of your life. I’ve seen it happen for so many, young and old, coming from all kinds of circumstances. I’m so excited for it to happen for you, too.

I am excited for you to start to ShineOn™ today!

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