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Consciously create your best life, on your terms, without outside influence, distraction and doubt.

If you get the feeling that you are missing something while you are seeking a conscious direction for your life then you already know that you need to go inward to find the answers.

ShineOn™ Clarity Mapping is a guided experience that gets you there.

You’ve been doing all the things, like reading all the books, and you know it's just not coming together for you. You know you are not completely clear on who you are and what you are here to do. Something is missing in order to bring all this effort together and snap it into focus. You know you have a strong, deep desire to investigate and explore what the possibilities are for your life. If you are committed and want to love who you are becoming then you my friend are in the right place. You are ready to go for a lap around our ShineOn™ Clarity Map.

ShineOn™ Clarity Mapping is exclusively available inside the ShineOn™ Experience, where by the end of it,

you will have…


  • Completed your first lap around a clarity map

    This is the major key to catching your first glimpse and unlocking what’s hidden inside you. Completing a ShineOn™ Clarity Map is like turning the lights on and getting to look at all the aspects of your life in a very special way.
  • Started your very own personal playbook

    This will become the hub for processing all of what’s coming up for you in a supportive and empowering structure.
  • Accessed a hidden layer of meaning in your life

    Promises to create the conditions to unlock something you may have not been able to see before. Possibly a side of yourself that you haven't allowed to step into the light. 
  • Connected powerfully with yourself on a deep level, perhaps for the very first time

    The combination of getting grounded in your phase, starting your playbook and completing a lap around the clarity map is an experience that is truly empowering. You will never again look at your life and feel like you don’t have much going on.
  • Started to understand what it really means to love who you are becoming. 

    This will become the hub for processing all of what’s coming up for you in a supportive and empowering structure.

"Going inward is essential if you truly want to know who you are. ShineOn™ offers a framework to follow to help you find out and unlock all that wonder and greatness inside you. It's been designed so that you can access it whenever you feel that pull for clarity, grounding and conscious direction. All any person really needs to get started is a curious spirit and a willingness to surrender to the experience. Let ShineOn™ do the rest and absolutely love who you are becoming."


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What’s Inside the ShineOn™ Experience 


Component 1

ShineOn™ Toolkit

Our Toolkit: Having the right tools is essential for any excursion. This Tool Kit has everything you need to set yourself up powerfully to embark on this adventure of a lifetime the journey into you. 

Toolkit Highlights:

Once you print and organize yourself you will be ready to get right into the experience.

  • Phase Guides - anchoring in, ready, set... GO!
  • Playbook - your hub for all things you!
  • Clarity Map - the answer to, "Hey, where we goin'?"
Component 2

ShineOn™ Clarity Mapping Course

Clarity Mapping: It's the heart of what the ShineOn™ Method is really all about. You will be getting into the inner work. You will be discovering for yourself who you really are meant to become. Clarity mapping is a structured and supportive framework that's both grounding and freeing all at the same time. 

Clarity Mapping Course Highlights:

Offers a big-picture view of your life in an in-depth way to help you go inward. This is all about learning how to process your life so that you can find a way to move forward. 

  • All 19 Steps of your Clarity Map are introduced and explored in depth with Lucy. 
  • Guided exercises for each step are provided to help you build your Playbook.
  • Moving from doubt to truth through inquiry you will capture all that's coming up for you so that you can process, focus and create action plans for your next move. This experience will tune you in to what to pay attention to and help you keep processing. Yes, you absolutely get to love who you are becoming.
Component 3

ShineOn™ Collective Membership

Collective Membership: Welcome to a community of like-minded Shine Seekers.

Collective Membership Highlights:

Along this unpredictable and inefficient journey into self inquiry you will know you are not alone. 

  • NEW creative material for your playbook to enhance your ShineOn™ Experience are added each month
  • Resources for exploring deeper into each step of your clarity map support you to process and create breakthroughs right where you are.
  • Monthly Hangouts are recorded welcoming new members with a Q&A component to share what is coming up for everyone on their clarity mapping journeys.

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Take Your Clarity Mapping Journey to the NEXT Level 


Bonus 1

ShineOn™ Visionfest

You get to take your Clarity Map and turn it into an epic, game changing VISION BOARD!

 What You’ll Get:

Lucy takes you through the process of extracting all the juicy bits of magic coming up in your clarity map to turn them into an incredible visualization tool.  Your very own ShineOn™ Vision Board!

  • Feel it!
  • Visualize it!
  • Create it!

Mother & Daughter testimonial!

"Visionfest was the start of trying to figure out feelings and open our mind to new ideas. The length of all videos was good, the information was well described on what the task was for the activity. The second video was my favourite it was a great bunch of good words and phrases on how to open up and get to a new frame of mind on thinking and dreaming of the future. I was actually writing the phrases and words you used when trying to think of our ultimate self. Really helpful. It was excellent. With you being so excited actually made us excited and looking forward to putting the vision board together. The excitement was encouraging and you showing us how to use certain programs and navigate them made it seem less stressful to start using a new program. I enjoyed the talks and got engaged with Sophie in discovering what she sees and what she gets inspired by. It was a great tool for self exploration and discovery. As a parent I encourage it and recommend it. It’s wonderful to see how your child can get excited about what the future can be." -Sophie's Mom, Nina

"Hi Lucy! VisionFest was great! The activities were very inspiring and helpful. Your explanations were very in depth and it was easy to figure out a good plan for my vision board. Your examples of good templates and good words are very interesting and make the activity more in thought of how the year would go. Making the vision board was so much fun and I look forward to looking at it every day for inspiration to a better attitude and better life for 2022. Thank you so much for VisionFest!" -Sophie, Age 12

Bonus 2

Future Workshops & Masterclasses

Exclusive access to upcoming ShineOn™ Workshops and Masterclasses.

(Always at a discount and sometimes even FREE!)

What You’ll Get:

Access to experiences that help you get even more grounded into your phase and to go deeper into what is coming up for you in your Clarity Mapping journey.

  • Phase focused work
  • Element focused work
  • Always committed to levelling up your clarity
Bonus 3

Private Sessions with Lucy

Offered only to Collective Members, these sessions are private and 1:1 with Lucy.

(special pricing, calendar booking link provided inside the ShineOn™ Experience)

What You’ll Get:

It's all about you and she is here for it! This is the ONLY way to book a private session with Lucy. This is where she will tune in with you and together you'll go through what's coming up for you in your Clarity Map.

  • Set intention for the session
  • Talk about your phase
  • What's coming up for you in your Clarity Map. Your choice if we go for a full lap or bring focus to a particular element.
  • Set personal anchors for each element to help you move into more expanded possibilities in your life.
  • Pick one action that feels like your best next move!


"I enjoyed my Clarity Mapping session with Lucy as it helped me to get clearer on my vision around romantic partnership. I feel like Lucy is very joyful, kind, compassionate, and present. I trusted her as I shared my big visions and I had some new commitments I wanted to make after our time together." -Kate Neligan

I can’t wait for you to complete your first ShineOn™ Clarity Map

Imagine waking up and loving your life. Imagine having more clarity and attracting more opportunities in all areas of your life. Imagine being confident. Imagine being successful. Imagine feeling fulfilled in every step along your journey. Imagine feeling like you've got this every day. Imagine taking all the energy you used to spend feeling lost and struggling to now being free to pursue interesting challenges, taking on new opportunities, creative pursuits, and living your purpose with passion and to your fullest potential. 

I know that ShineOn™ will make an incredible difference for you—and not only in how you see yourself in your life. It will also improve your self-worth, confidence and literally elevate every aspect of your life. I’ve seen it happen for so many, young and old, coming from all kinds of circumstances. Including me! I mean check out what it's lead me to create! I’m so excited for it to happen for you, too.

I am excited for you to start to ShineOn™ today to absolutely love who you are becoming!

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