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All The Insights You Need To Help Them Develop a Strong Identity and Find Their Way to a Bright Future

What you will learn:

  • How things got this way in the first place and why it’s not your fault.
  • What we need to understand now so that we can take our power back and transform it.
  • What the future can look like when you go next level. Hint: deep connection with your child and excitement about the future!
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This summer give your student the ultimate success program

Get them into self-activation with Clarity Mapping today and watch them thrive.

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The student years are too special to be stressing all the time

Pressure is no fun.Don't let it hold them back.They were designed to thrive.

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Are you ready to give them the ultimate tools for success?

We help students (like yours) learn the skills needed to handle all that’s coming at them. They can find their way to success and thrive in the process.

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Doesn't your student deserve the advantage? 

Have you ever worried about your student? Have you been searching for a student success program to give them the advantage, the ultimate edge, when it comes to achieving their goals? Do you want to support them in the absolute best way possible so you can become closer? Did you know that giving your student the right time management tools and stress coping strategies can determine their success for a lifetime? Most parents struggle with these same questions. You’re not alone and we’re here to help.

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We don’t just care about their success.

We care about them.


  • They need a solution that’s simple and easy to use.
  • They need to be on a clear path to success that’s not complicated.
  • They want to manage the pressure and stress to feel like ‘I’ve got this!”
  • They are committed to their goals and excited to create their future.
  • Realizing their full potential is the name of the game.
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ShineOn™ Clarity Mapping Course

Three part framework of the ShineOn™ Method
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Personalized Clarity Mapping Session

 What you'll get:
  • One-on-one personal clarity mapping session with Lucy Colangelo, our clarity mapping expert
  • *NEW* These sessions are also now available in-person at our Development Centre located in the Niagara Area
  • Help to dig deeper into what is coming up for you in your clarity map
  • Get your questions answered
This development service for students is optional and can be ordered with the Clarity Mapping Course, or you can come back later and purchase it at any time.


You and your student are invited to

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Watch our FREE Masterclass and help them start to take control of their destiny.

You and your student are invited to learn more about what Clarity Mapping is and why it’s critical to develop this skill if they’re going to have what it takes to achieve their goals, face this ever changing, fast-paced world, and thrive.



Collaborators, Athletic and Academic Organizations are invited to


Don’t just let life keep coming at them. Teach them how to take control and thrive.


New Location

We are excited to now offer our students Personal Clarity Mapping Sessions in-person at our new office located inside Movement Unlimited!

160 Hwy 20 West, Unit 4-6, Uptown Plaza

Fonthill, Ontario L0S 1E5 Canada