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Learning to walk

Oct 05, 2021

On the podcast today, let's Wonder a little about learning to walk...

...let's break this down...

Let's get excited about the smallest, tiniest little wins! 

Show Notes : 

Today I want to talk about the kind of energy that we bring to our lives and maybe the mindset or approach that we take, especially when we're learning new things. I was reminded of what it was like for me when I was helping my children when they were little to learn how to walk. And for anyone that's ever parented and been there for that moment you can see on the child's face how much it takes for them to coordinate the movement.

 I was reminded of that today because I'm like very deep in my project right now for writing my first digital course and I'm figuring out what to name it, what my launch is going to be like, and what the experience is going to be like with working with me.

 I'm narrowing my focus for the first little bit, with wanting to work with parents and teenagers, to set them up in self-activation with my method, with ShineOn™

I am doing something big and figuring out that something that's quite complicated and I need to be kinder to myself. I have to be more excited about the tiniest little step that I might take forward because I am figuring it out.

I should be treating myself like I treated my children when they were learning how to walk. And I need to be excited for every little effort, every little impulse because everything's helping to map new neural pathways. I'm trying to teach my brain to operate and learn and think in a new way.

It made me remember that thought I had at the beginning of the day when I started my day, that I do have to be more gentle and more kind to myself. I think that the message from the universe was, I should have recorded this message when I thought of it.

 But then the lesson came with me just taking a tumble and being reminded of what it feels like, what it feels like to try, what it feels like to fail, what it feels like to get up again and not give up and keep going.

I think we all need to be more excited for ourselves and each other. If we see a friend starting a new business, taking a new course, getting into a new hobby, maybe embarking on a trip, on an adventure, traveling somewhere, a new career, or a new job, we need to be as excited as we would be for a little one taking their first steps.

 We really need to be that encouraging and excited because you just never know what's going to happen when all those synapses come together and you start to walk and then you start to run. You want to be on the side of cheering those people on. You want to be on your side, be there for yourself, to be that person that sees the potential, sees the value, and just keeps going and keeps figuring things out.

I hope you've enjoyed this little banter that I had to get off my chest. I think I'm recording it in part because I'm inspired by my experience today, but also because I don't want to fall again. So, yeah, it's out there. I'm putting this out there. And love you guys, and I'll talk to you soon. Bye.


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