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610 CKTB Interview

Aug 25, 2022
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610 CKTB Interview

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Show Notes:

I see the impacts that our digital lives are having on our kids mental health and development.

Next Wednesday’s Distracted Workshop is all about sharing those insights and what I see as being most helpful to supporting our parents and their young people.

I believe our kids and especially teens have only one job. That’s to get to know themselves. That is what I believe increases the chances that they’ll find more of a conscious direction in life. The hope is that they find their way to a meaningful education, meaningful work and live satisfying and successful lives. It uplifts everyone around you and makes society better when people find their way to a positive and productive way of life. That all starts with knowing yourself.

So, I’ll be talking about the biggest obstacle that’s in the way of all that, our digital lives. 

The impacts that having devices has on the development of young minds can not be over stated. I’m approaching this from the unique perspective as a marketing communications expert who’s spent more than 20 years watching this evolution unfold online. 

I have some ideas to share that I believe will be helpful. We need to learn how to integrate the great things about technology into our daily lives to empower our parents and youth. 

I’m no parenting or psychology expert. I’m a mom and a communications expert who knows how difficult this is. I know what’s missing in this conversation.

We’re getting into talking about taking on this monster issue. We all see it, I talk with parents all the time… the question is what to do. I’ll be sharing the key strategies that I believe will help us.

I’m inviting parents to come and get into the conversation so we can share our experiences and together find a better way forward.

I’ll also be sharing free resources about how to get into a better conversation with your young people.

Registration is available right off my website, lucycolangelo com and it’s also all over my social media @lucycdot.

Pelham Public Library

at 6:30-7:30

Next Wednesday August 31

Guiding our youth in today's digital world.

How to refocus your kids, players and students attention and provide them with the support and tools they need to succeed.