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Elon Musk's advice to his kids on a career when so much is changing

May 17, 2023

... on the question of how Elon Musk will advise his kids on a career with so much that is changing.


"What do you tell them that will be of value?", asks interviewer David Faber.

Oh and I just have to say I appreciate his thoughtful pause SO much!  

May 16, 2023: Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk sits down with CNBC’s David Faber for an exclusive interview from Austin, Texas, during Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting. Musk talks about advice he would give his children on going into the workforce as A.I. continues to boom.

"work on things that you find interesting, fulfilling and that contribute some good to the rest of society" -Elon Musk

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Here's the transcript of this specific part of the interview. Copied from, CNBC

FABER: I want to end on one AI question. You have a lot of kids. I have some kids. I have one who's actually soon to go into the workforce. I struggle with how to advise him about a career when this technology exists and will only approve. I'm just curious when you think about advising your children on a career with so much that is changing, what do you tell them is going to be of value?

MUSK: Well, that's a tough question to answer. I guess I would just say, you know, to sort of follow their heart in terms of what they find interesting to do or fulfilling to do. And try to be as useful as possible to the rest of society. If we do get to the sort of like magic genie situation where you can ask the AI for anything. And let's say it's even the benign scenario – let's say it's benign scenario, how do we actually find fulfilment? You know, how do we find meaning in life if the AI could do your job better than you can? I mean, if I think about it too hard, it can be just dispiriting and demotivating. Because, I mean, I go through I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into building the companies. And then I'm like, wait, should I be doing this? Because if I'm sacrificing time with friends and family that I would prefer to do, but then ultimately, the AI can do all these things. Does that make sense? I don't know. To some extent, I have to have deliberate suspension of disbelief in order to remain motivated. So I guess I would say just, you know, work on things that you find interesting, fulfilling and that contribute some good to the rest of society.


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