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{Ep. 16} Exploring what it takes to have a freedom mindset

Oct 14, 2022
Exploring what it takes to have a freedom mindset. What's going to start to happen with your self-awareness as it's blossoming. Using that consciousness that your self-awareness is leading you to, you are now in discovery. And your greatest gift is just being curious.



 Shownotes :

This is the freedom episode with our special guest Gareth Rafferty.

"When you're discovering something for the first time, you have to be kind and gentle with yourself and not so judgmental and not applying society's lens of what success metrics are"

That's a mean way of being towards yourself. It's not kind, it's not what you would do or want for your best friend. So, it's kind of, don't do it to yourself. You're discovering, you're exploring, you're super young, and you've got time on your side. You should be super pumped about the possibilities, and you should not be fixated on having it figured out and how things were supposed to go. Give yourself some peace, give yourself some space. Protect yourself psychologically. And, what's going to start to happen with your self-awareness as it's blossoming.

Excited is a high-energy word. Sometimes it's just peaceful, sometimes it's just, hey, I'm satisfied with where I'm at right now. What you've been through the last year, if you could tell yourself the story that this is great, you're figuring it out. You're not staying just to stay, you know, you're moving, you're in flow. Like things are happening, there are dynamics, and you're in this process of discovery. There's this thing that I put out online it's a freebie that's off my website and it's really relevant to this conversation because I feel like you need to recognize what phase of life you're in. And I've got this thing that's called a Phase Finder. And that's supposed to give you some psychological protection. You're not in mastery, you're not in full clarity mode. The phase that you're in is in discovery mode.

"Your mind being free is critical to this whole experience because, without it, your definition of your future is being dictated by someone else"

I love this guru that I follow Seth Guru, he talks about instead of being a compulsive reaction to life, you can become a conscious response. So, " you're using that consciousness that your self-awareness is leading you to, you are now able to be in discovery. And your greatest gift right now is just being curious. "  It's the only thing that's required of you. Stay curious, who are you, and what's possible for you? And then it seems to me like, I'm sorry, It feels like every day you show up with your whole heart. You show up in life and you care.
I am here to empower a new conversation that leaves things open. A possibility. What's the great thing that could happen? Not a predictable thing. You have two tracks here. Your life could become very predictable, and it could create an illusion of safety for you psychologically in some capacity, because every day is the same day and you know what's happening, if you're curious and you're like, Hey, what if we kind of broaden the definition and we kind of look at what's possible here. What could you get up to that you’d be excited about and say, Yeah, this is me. This is who I am. Yeah. This is who I came here to be in this world, and I'm pretty awesome at it, Right?, me having this conversation with you is something that I haven't been giving myself permission to do for years.

And that comes up in clarity mapping. It comes up in the work that I do. Freedom, meaning, and expression. So you're exploring things, you're being curious, you're doing a great job, things are changing and it's going to be disruptive and it's going to be unpredictable because you're really in alignment with yourself and you're speaking your truth. And the more you do that, the more you're going to find people that get it and they're going to be in alignment with you and they're going to be supporting you in this curiosity and in this exploration so that you can process your life and feel empowered and find your way.

I feel like that's the place to start. That's what I'd like to leave you with because I feel like that's the feedback loop that's going to get you there. You take control of your mind, you're searching for meaning and you get into that expression, you get into that action. So, get into a routine that serves you well. That you wake up in the morning and you're into your morning, you're into what's coming and how you're sorting yourself out. And then we can talk more about what other things you can do to keep going in this journey of self-discovery. What's going to cause you to say, I know who I am, this is me. Like I found it. This is who I am, this is who I'm meant to be in the world. I'm 46 and I'm here. But I'll tell you the clues were there from when I was a child.

And that's what I do every day. I get up every day and I eventually find myself in this office researching and doing things and making the clarity map better, making the playbook better. Figuring out my marketing mix. Because I have marketing in this world. the digital thing is just overwhelming. But I'm figuring it out and getting help, I'm hiring people to help me. I'm finding my way. I want you to know, why I'm sharing all of this is just for you to understand that this is a never-ending process as it's a process of life. Being in inquiry, being curious is going to be for the rest of your life. Because that's what keeps you conscious. 

In this episode you'll learn .. 

  • Lucy and Gareth are catching up after a long time.
  • They discuss how things are returning to normal post-pandemic.
  • Lucy is excited about a parent night workshop they want to host.
  • Gareth has been working as a personal brand manager for a friend's company.
  • Their role involves helping clients create content on LinkedIn.
  • They are trying to figure out what to sell and to whom.
  • They discuss the importance of having a trainer to guide them in exercise.
  • The person who had their own company hired a male coach to help them with their transition process.
  • The conversation shifts to exploring the concept of a freedom mindset.
  • Lucy is curious to know how Gareth got to that point.
  • Gareth mentions that they feel their life is dynamic and complex.
  • They discuss the importance of feedback and guidance in navigating transitions.
  • They discuss the importance of finding one's way and mindset patterns.

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