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AlignedAF Activate and Flow Workshop


You are ONE Human Design infused Clarity Map away from becoming aligned, activated and in flow with your business goals.

This collaboration with Mistral Nerida is all about coming into alignment, activation and flow when it comes to building the business and life of your dreams.

We're here to simplify and demystify the process so you can get to the good stuff... really going for it in your business. We're taking all our wisdom that combines, human design, business and communications strategy to create an experience that promises to help you once and for all sort out what's really going to move the needle.

You're going to come away with a clarity map to help you get anchored and stay focused all the while cultivating a deep understanding of what is really going to work for you so you can grow and flow!

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Mistral Nerida (00:01):

Hey. Hey, good morning. This is Mistral. I'm jumping live to introduce my newest workshop that's going to get you in alignment with your human design

Mistral Nerida (00:14):

And this live, so you can learn a little bit more about clarity mapping. I'm so excited to have you here. We're gonna get started as soon as Lucy joins us. So, what we're talking about today, here she is, <laugh>. What we're talking about today is the fact that you were one human design infused clarity map away from finding alignment, becoming activated, and in flow with your business vision. So, Lucy, say hello.

Lucy Colangelo (00:49):

Hi everyone. Oh my gosh, this is so fun. Our first time. I love it. Our first time aligned, activated and inflow. Let's talk about it. Yes. So pumped.

Mistral Nerida (00:59):

So pumped. So my specialty is human design. And Lucy's specialty is this amazing activation through clarity mapping that is actually her own design. Something that she's created over the years of understanding how people work and how we get stuck in these patterns of not being able to take action. So what's really cute, cool is when you align with your human design, you're energetically showing up how you're designed too. And when you follow your strategy, then you're actually going to be able to really attract and bring people to you. So Lucy, tell us a little bit about how when we take our human design and throw it into, or, you know, integrate it into our clarity map, how does that then help us shift in our business vision and goals?

Lucy Colangelo (01:40):

Well, quite simply, it just, it makes everything clear. It's called a clarity map, because we're looking for clarity. And I don't know about you, but for me, there's so much to focus on. There's so many things going on, and every time you go online, every new thing you're hearing about all these strategies and tactics, you're learning about your clients, what's going on. And it's a lot to stay focused, you know, and not get distracted and really know what is important and what's going to influence your business strategy and your vision, how you're gonna get to those goals. How do you make this real in your business? And what I think is really wonderful is human design is that differentiation piece, right? It informs us. There is so much goodness there. I loved when I found out that I'm a manifestor. I loved all the, I do.

Lucy Colangelo (02:33):

I was like, oh, that's why when I do these certain things, certain things happen, <laugh>. And, and then when it started to guide me and tell me how to actually build my business and connect with people, I was like, oh my goodness. This is, this is differentiation. Yes. But it's bringing me so much more clarity. And I created clarity mapping because I needed everything simple on one piece of paper. Like I wanted, wanted it all in front of me. What's my strategy all there? No confusion, no doubt, no. Like figuring it out. Like, so basically I wanna talk today to anyone out there that has a business, has a vision, has a goal, they have this dream that they're bringing into the world, and it's chaos, it's noise, it's distraction, it's all the things like what am I supposed to focus on? What's important? So, you know, you and I have been talking and it's like, let's create a workshop.

Lucy Colangelo (03:26):

Let's make this happen. We're calling it aligned. Activated and getting into flow. We want that flow state. We want it to feel easy, simplified, clear. We know what we're doing. We know what to focus on. That's my jam. That's what I created with the clarity map. And when human design came into my life, it just took things to another level. Yes. And I, I just, I just got to a place where I'm like, you know what? We need to be out there making offers. We need to be doing this. We need to be helping people, bringing them along, illuminating the path forward. We figured it out. I'm right there with you figuring out my clarity map, and I'm right there with you figuring out these offers. And so I'm really excited about what we're gonna be sharing today because we're following our strategy, we're following our design, and we're having a great time. And it can be easy. Yes, it can be easy. When you're aligned, when you're activated, when you're inflow, it can feel amazing. I'm loving that We're live right now. It's it's wonderful. And let's talk about what our offer is. What are we doing? Let's get into the details. <Laugh> tell people what we're doing with straw. What do we come up with? All right.

Mistral Nerida (04:33):

So Lucy and I are so awesome at doing things and putting them together and then putting that energy and getting it out there. And this is what we're so excited about. Because when you combine your human design and your clarity map together, you really have your like blueprint or your roadmap for your business. Yes. And what you need to do in order to take action, aligned action really is what it is. Aligned action that's activated that allows you to make those sales with ease and flow. And that's what's so important. Every and

Lucy Colangelo (04:58):

So every single day. Every single single day. Every single day. Yeah. You're not waking up confused. You're not waking up distractable. No. This is clarity. The doubt is gone. You're it, you're out

Mistral Nerida (05:10):

There. Right? Exactly. And with so many things on the, in the web telling you what to do, we wanted to make it clear and actionable. So our workshop is actually, it's two days over two weeks, which is amazing. So we're going live on the 20th and the 27th of March, and it's gonna be integrating and activating your human design. And then during the week before our next live, you're gonna be putting all of that into your own unique clarity map. So you know exactly what to do on a daily basis to show up and do those income producing activities. So your business is productive and you're moving forward and you're creating how you're designed to create. What do you wanna add? What did I miss?

Lucy Colangelo (05:53):

Well, you didn't miss anything. This is awesome. Okay, so the whole thing was we wanna wanna bring people along with us. We wanna bring them along with us. Here's the workshop. The first 45 minutes gonna be like a 45 minute thing. We're gonna get into that human design. We're gonna point you in the right direction. What are the elements that you need to know about your human design to inform your strategy? And then bring that into the clarity map. And the clarity. Clarity map's. Super simple. There's only seven questions. It is simplified, it is clear. If it's not coming up in your clarity map, it does not matter. That's not something to focus on in your business. So I am laser focused in that clarity map. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>. So we're talking, what's the human design? What's influencing it? What details do you need to go and research out there?

Lucy Colangelo (06:37):

And we're not gonna take time in the workshop for that because everyone's so unique. Everyone has their own chart. And they can go and they can find these things online and come back into the next workshop The following week, we've got another 45 minutes, we're together and we're taking everybody through how to integrate into the clarity map. And after that point, we're just talking about what it means to be in flow. What is that state? What do you do? What are the action steps that you can take every single morning, get into your hd, get, like, get the human design elements going, fire yourself up. Get into that alignment, get activated with your clarity map and be like, okay, these are my three things. That's what I've gotta get done this week, today, whatever. And you're inaction and you're out there and your business is growing and you are unstoppable.

Lucy Colangelo (07:25):

That's how I feel. You know what you're offering. You're not at all confused anymore. There is no doubt. I'm, I'm trying to convey that. I feel like that distractibility is an insecurity and we're gonna be addressing that. And I think human design can help it. Clarity mapping can help it. And what you leave with is that you've got that strategy in place. You've got that one pager. It's awesome. I'm creating it right now in, in Canva. And I hope that people are familiar with Canva. You can create a, like a whiteboard, a digital whiteboard. It's with you everywhere you go. It's on your devices, it's on your phone. And in any moment in your business, when you, you're faced with a decision, you can go into your clarity map, connect with your human design, connect with what's coming up for you and get in there like get a decision, whatever, whatever it is.

Lucy Colangelo (08:23):

There might be some sort of decision to be made or just, you know, direction. You need to find that, that conscious direction, that clear, aligned, activated direction and get back into action. Get into flow. Yeah. And, and let it be easy. Let it be easy. Let it be fun. Let it be vibrant and energetic and clear. And like that's what I get every day. And I realized this a couple weeks ago and that's when I reached out to you and I said, let's do something. We gotta do this. We gotta share. We can't wait. We can't wait till we polish it up and make it pretty. Yeah. And that's not the point, right? We wanna be out there. So, so, so yeah. So we put our checkout page together today, didn't we? We did <laugh>. We still need a sales page, everyone, we know this. But for now, until we get everything out there and put together, we decided on a discount, a fast action discount. Tell 'em what we did. Oh my God. We're crazy. <Laugh>.

Mistral Nerida (09:17):

You guys are so excited because this workshop is going to change the way you show up and market and be in alignment with your vision in your business. It's gonna change it. And we are, when you leave this, you're gonna have your marketing blueprint, your roadmap. And like Lucy said, it's gonna be in your back pocket. So whenever a question comes up, you know exactly where to go in your clarity map to get you the answer. And that's so important. That's what we're doing for you here. We're making it so that you know the steps you have to have. So our workshop is gonna be $88 for the two sessions, which is huge value. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>, we have a v i p upgrade experience where you'll actually get one-on-one time with Lucy and myself. And right now until the 16th, the 16th of March, when we will have our sales page actually complete and done.

Mistral Nerida (10:05):

You can get a fast action, 50% off bonus for this workshop and the v i p experience. So if you're feeling called to be like, I wanna get my human design chart right? I wanna get my clarity map and I wanna have the goals and directions of what I need to do on a daily basis to be out there growing, building, scaling my business and doing income producing activities that make me feel good about what offering what I have for sale. Sign up now. We're gonna be dropping the link. It'll be in my bio, it'll be in Lucy's bio. You'll be able to grab that and you can use the fast action 50 coupon code to go ahead and get that 50% off. That won't be around for long. So do it now. I'm

Lucy Colangelo (10:46):

Freaking freaking out. That was totally like a thing this morning where I'm just like, oh, yay. Is she gonna be cool with the fact that I still called to just slash it in half? I mean, but we're getting it. We're figuring it out and we're not stopping. We wanna bring people into this conversation. We wanna bring it, we want them in flow. And I had this this feeling that we need to do this before spring. Yeah. Like when spring comes, everybody's clear. Everybody's out there. Like we've planted that seed. It's sprouting, it's growing, it's out there, right? Yes. So the v i p experience, I'm really excited about it cuz we're gonna get to intimately know some of our participants and it's a 90 minute intensive, you and I together with, with you if you choose to join us. And we're gonna get all those goodies.

Lucy Colangelo (11:33):

We're gonna help steer you more concretely, more accurately into the human design elements that you need clarity on. Get them into your clarity map, get that strategy in place, and then you're in flow. And we are, we're including two weeks of Voxer. Now Voxer is a new thing for me. I'm very excited about it. We're leave us messages for two weeks. We will be responsive and we will be connected to your human design and your clarity map and your whole strategy, what you're trying to build. And we will be feeding back and giving our direction so that you can keep working on getting that alignment, that activation, and that flow going. And that's it. Like I, I feel like we wanna keep this simple. This is not complicated. That's something that I recently woke up to. I'm like, why? Why is everything so hard?

Lucy Colangelo (12:25):

Why does it have to be so complicated? It is. There's dynamics, there is nuance and subtle things that we need, do, need to pay attention to. But sometimes it's just too hard to get our bearings and just get clearer. And I'm here to say today it's possible. It is possible to just be absolutely clear about what you're here to do, your offers, your business, what it's all about. Be growing, be connecting, be communicating, and that's it. There's no, there's no more doubt in insecurity and, and questioning whether or not this or that will work. You know, so that's the invitation today. And I'm really excited about the 50% off and I want us to get ourselves together. The soon as we get our strategy together, we get a couple more lives going. The price is gonna go up because it's valuable stuff. It's valuable stuff. I don't know if you can put a price on the amount of time and money and energy and effort that we'll be saving you with this kind of alignment and clarity.

Mistral Nerida (13:25):

Yeah. I mean, anyone who's feeling just lost in their business, this is for you. Like where do you wanna be in six months? Do you wanna be making your business goals and you know, replacing your income moving forward to being full-time in your business. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative> like this is what is going to get you there. It's gonna teach you how to show up daily, aligned with who you are, how you're designed to show up with your clarity map to give you the direction on a daily basis of what you need to do to take that action. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And you're gonna end up with the business. It's

Lucy Colangelo (13:55):

Thriving and Exactly. Exactly, exactly. That. The, the, the fact that that's possible and the fact that it's possible to figure out what it's gonna take to once and for all be done with it. You're not figuring it out anymore. You're not in the shadows on the sidelines. Not ready, not sure, you know. No, no. That

Mistral Nerida (14:20):

Know what I wanna say to that.

Lucy Colangelo (14:20):

It's a necessary, it's a necessary step to be in that. Figuring it out. That friction and I get that. Yeah. And bring that to the workshop. We wanna see it. We wanna see it because human design's gonna help us unlock and demystify some of what's going on. And there might be a pivot or a shift that's necessary, but we're talking about bringing you into alignment. We're talking about that simplification, that letting it be easy. Let it flow. Yeah. Feel activated, feel confident that you know what, you might not have everything figured out, but you're in the game. Like you're in the game. Yeah. That's what it feels like. And it can feel like that for you. And if you wanna feel like that, we're here for it. We're here creating it. We're gonna be creating it together for two sessions and then we're offering taking it to the next level. If you need that guidance, if you feel like you want that direction, you wanna really amplify the results, hang out with us one-on-one, make that happen for

Mistral Nerida (15:21):

Yourself. And, and, and it's no more like how many, how many freebies, right? No more downloading freebies. No more have getting on sales calls with coaches. Like, you know, how your are designed to show up, you know, the actions that you need to take on a daily basis and you're confident mm-hmm. <Affirmative> amplified and activated in that mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. And how exciting to wake up every day feeling that way, knowing that you've got this and that your business is thriving.

Lucy Colangelo (15:45):

I'm so excited to be offering this with you, Mr. I'm telling you. I feel like, oh my gosh, it's happening. It's real. We're doing this. Never been doing a i I know my whole following's gonna be like she's doing a lot what she's talking about <laugh>. I'm just so excited though. We're doing it. We're making it happen. We're infusing human design into your strategy, into your clarity map. You're getting a clarity map. You're gonna have that, you're gonna have that clarity. So I come from, I wanna tell everyone, cause I know, I think we skipped over the part where, well, who is she? Right. <laugh>. So I have a business communications background for over 20 years. And I love keeping things simple and I love things that are clear direction, like that kind of thing. And I created clarity mapping because being in business today, you need to know yourself.

Lucy Colangelo (16:35):

You really need to know what, what it is, what's the story behind the story kind of thing. What are you offering? It's so important. You wanna feel authentic, you wanna be in your skin, you know? Yeah. And, and it's vulnerable to do that. And when I realized that this is not easy, this is something people need help with, that I needed help with, I created a tool, I created this clarity map. I created it from all of my experience over the last 20 years, building campaigns, doing marketing strategies, figuring out that voice. What's the message, what's the story? You know, it's all so important. But the biggest thing that I've found, and I've really come to terms and realized it in the last couple weeks, is that it still keeps people on the sidelines. Yes. Finding all the answers in their clarity map keeps them on the sidelines.

Lucy Colangelo (17:25):

And we've gotta do something more. And I love how you, and I've always connected in your guidance and your support with human design and the business strategy side. Like something magical happened there for me with our working together. And I feel like we've got something here that can help more people get there. Yes. And keep it simple. Yes. Make it happen. Make it happen in a way that is not fraught with all this uncertainty and doubt and distraction and Oh, but maybe this, oh, but maybe that, oh, I'm not ready. I need this still and I need to sort this out. Yeah. You're gonna always be sorting stuff out. I am continuously sorting things out, you know, but I'm happy to be here. I'm happy to create this and I can't wait. I can't wait to see who shows up. I hope they'll take us up on the fast action bonus. I know. I don't think we're ever gonna offer it at this price again. No.

Mistral Nerida (18:13):

For the next run, it's our first one. It's on sale right now, so March 16th. And then after that it's going up and the next time we run it, it'll be more. Because what we're creating right now is gonna revolutionize how you show up in your business. So if you are ready to get aligned, af activated and inflow, you gotta reach out to us, reach out to us, we'll send you that awesome 50% off coupon code and you'll find the links in our bios to join. And we will be so excited to see you. I

Lucy Colangelo (18:41):

See all these people that have joined and are watching. Thank you so much. Thanks for coming on board. Hello. Hello. So cool. I love it. Awesome. Okay, so if you loved our energy, if you wanna get into this, you wanna get aligned af check out the links, they're there. We're looking forward to seeing ya. All

Mistral Nerida (19:02):

Right, <laugh>. Awesome. Lucy, I'll see you next too. Can we go live again, <laugh>? All right, we'll

Lucy Colangelo (19:06):

See ya. Thanks. Bye.

Mistral Nerida (19:08):



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