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{Ep. 19} AlignedAF Activate and Flow Workshop

Mar 14, 2023


You are ONE Human Design infused Clarity Map away from becoming aligned, activated and in flow with your business goals.

This collaboration with Mistral Nerida is all about coming into alignment, activation and flow when it comes to building the business and life of your dreams.

We're here to simplify and demystify the process so you can get to the good stuff... really going for it in your business. We're taking all our wisdom that combines, human design, business and communications strategy to create an experience that promises to help you once and for all sort out what's really going to move the needle.

You're going to come away with a clarity map to help you get anchored and stay focused all the while cultivating a deep understanding of what is really going to work for you so you can grow and flow!

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  • Mistral is introducing her newest workshop to get participants in alignment with their human design infused with Clarity mapping.
  • The workshop focuses on becoming activated and in flow with business vision.
  • Lucy is joining Mistral in the workshop.
  • Lucy's specialty is Clarity mapping, a tool for understanding how people work and how to overcome patterns of inaction.
  • Aligning human design with Clarity mapping helps to make everything clear and provides focus.
  • Human design is a differentiation piece that informs individuals of their strengths and guides them in building their business and connecting with people.
  • The Clarity map is a tool that brings all business strategies together in one place, making it simple and easy to focus.
  • The workshop is for anyone with a business, vision, or goal and is struggling with chaos, noise, and distraction.
  • The workshop is called "Aligned, Activated, and Getting into Flow."
  • The workshop helps participants create their own unique Clarity map, which serves as a blueprint or roadmap for their business.
  • The workshop is two days over two weeks, with live sessions on March 20th and 27th, and a week in between to work on creating the Clarity map.
  • The goal is to take aligned action that is activated, allowing participants to make sales with ease and flow.
  • The workshop helps participants wake up with clarity, focus, and a plan for productive, income-producing activities.

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