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{Ep. 18-clip} Believe me!

Mar 15, 2023


Believe me!

It's the kindest, coolest thing you could choose to do for yourself.

Believe me.

Decide to believe you are meant for more.

You were born with gifts that can never be removed but they must be activated!

I show up for anyone looking to get activated and love their life.

This sometimes looks like people just like you, and anyone going through a transition in their life. It can also look like business owners and entrepreneurs. It also looks like teens and young adults.

I use clarity mapping to help us get to the good stuff. We investigate and explore who you are really here to be? What career and or business and life you have the capacity to build? What education and experiences are going to help us unlock and activate you?

What's it going to take to eliminate doubt and distraction and double down on the truth of your potential?

I talk about being born into the exact circumstances where you meant to make a difference.

Don't say I can't because of my circumstances. Instead say, "it's because of my circumstances that I can..."

...and listen to what comes up for you.

I encourage you to explore all the opportunities all around you every day to elevate yourself and the game you play.

In the meantime, as you process, listen to Activate Now to draw encouragement and inspiration for your next move.

You got this!

Activate now,

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In the Activate Now Podcast, Lucy takes you into her world as she gets curious about what it means to be fully activated in your life. Every episode is packed with interesting ideas, new strategies, relatable stories, practical guidance and the tools and encouragement you need to activate yourself into a better life.
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