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{Ep. 15} Curiosity is the superpower of life

curiosity developing your personal clarity developing your self-awareness discovering me finding myself interiority journey inward who am i who are you really why am i here your journey inward Jul 11, 2022


Alright let's get into it... CURIOSITY!

In a ShineOn™ world we explore how to develop self-awareness to have unshakeable personal clarity so that we can consciously create and live into becoming our best selves.

This is a fancy way of asking you...


This is an invitation to explore who you are... what are the possibly answers for you?

Ask yourself... who am I?

Heart and soul of ShineOn™ is being in inquiry. That's what ShineOn™ Clarity Mapping is all about. I will talk a lot about clarity mapping because ... it's what I believe is the tool we need to help us unlock ourselves.

We live in this unbounded reality and I choose to see it as a game... the game of life and I love talking strategy and how to play it! Going deeper... understanding ourselves... we need to pause and process and ShineOn™ is here for all of it with clarity mapping. I believe it's what we need if we're going to live a great life. We all want to say we are living a satisfying and happy and fulfilled life. All the good stuff.

Clarity mapping is really just a fancy way of teaching people how to get curious about themselves and get curious about how to answer the question of who they are.

Curiosity is a superpower.

In your life if you are curious about who you are ... what does it mean to you to be at your best... to be showing up in life fully present... fully as yourself... empowered and all that that means. 

This is my wish for anyone coming into the ShineOn™ world that I'm creating here.

This is about getting into that investigator mind, that curious, beginner mind. Figuring it out and trying to unlock it.

To many people, this doesn't feel important and that perhaps you should know that already. 

To me it's critical.

Being able to say, I know who I am, this is who I am... is powerful! It takes you places in your life and unlocks things for you.

I'm sitting here launching a YouTube Channel and podcast and company and brand and products and services and all these things and I don't think I saw this in me 5 years ago.

I don't think I'd be the person that I am today if I hadn't stayed curious, stayed in the game, looking to unlock what those answers might be for me. 

Knowing who you are and being in that curiosity, I mean I have no idea where this is going to take me and I'm absolutely cool with that! I'm totally ok and very much showing up for it. Let's do this let's see where it goes.

I feel like we need some structure and support around being curious because it seems so elusive and out there and why is it important and all this type of thing.

I feel like being in that journey of being curious of unravelling this mystery of figuring out unlocking ourselves, unlocking our potential, catching glimpses of what the answers might be, it's really what I feel gets you in the game. This is what can really take your life to the next level.

It's doing that for me. I'm showing up here and being as well what is it? I'm just so willing and interested and I'm ready to go and I believe in all the wonder and magic and awesomeness that's lying dormant inside of people and I want to help them. I want to help them find their way to themselves in the best way possible. 


It's the superpower.

I promise you.

If you stay curious. If you don't give up on that. 

A better way to say this.

Believe that the answers are inside of you.

They are not to be found externally in the world.

Experiences and inspiration can be found out there and the actual answers and navigating to that deep clarity. That comes from within. 

Who are you really?

I know it can be a scary question.

We might be armoured up. We might be possibly even hijacked in ourselves and in our minds. 

So that's why I've created ShineOn™.

I want to bring structure and support and safety to this process.

If you're here... there's something inside of you that's got you curious. There's something that's got you saying, "I actually really, fully, don't know who I am and I think I need some help and I'd like to explore that."

We welcome you! This is exactly a great place to be if you're looking to get into personal inquiry and curious and get to know yourself better. 

We know and acknowledge that it can be scary and we also know that it can be exciting and super fun!

We acknowledge you and applaud you for coming this far.

This is what I am offering, a gentler ride into this unlocking adventure.

I believe that if you don't already have the answer then that's our job. That's really your only obligation. Your only priority is getting curious about that. That will be the connection that will lead to everything else. 

It will be that link that gets you there.

It's been truly my favourite question to ask people throughout my whole life. 

I am fascinated by how people discover their talents and gifts and skills and their passions. How they unlock themselves.

There's some brilliant stories out there and it's my favourite question ever so I'm not surprised that in the arc of my life in this journey so far that I have always been super curious about people and I've always loved their stories. 

It's no mystery that I'm here and creating all this and wanting to bring you along with me.


What it means to be curious in your day to day life... hairstyle example. 7:44-11:44 minutes in.

What's an automatic decision that you could get curious and explore your possibilities? Could be anything. Take a moment.


There is a gift on the other side of this investigative exploration curiosity journey. 

What comes along with that might surprise you... it is self-acceptance.

Once you really know yourself you can accept yourself.

To get started into this inquiry you'll see that I have this thing I call a Phase Finder available FREE right off my website.

There are three Phases, they are Discovery, Clarity and Mastery. 

You can get your free assessment here...

Figure out which phase you identify with the most right now.

I identify as being in the Mastery Phase of ShineOn™. I can say I really do know myself. I like where I am and I like who I am becoming and I like where this is taking me.

I feel like that is empowering and special and worth it. It is worth doing the work to have that. I believe that this feeling is available to anyone that is willing to do the work. You'd just have to be that curious!

You can't put a price on having that kind of energy. Embodying that kind of knowing. To have that kind of unshakable personal clarity.

It's important.

It's the game changer for me.

What I've heard and have had conversations about around this issue is how some people believe that once you have that you'll become complacent. That somehow personal clarity gives you a pass and permission to checkout. Like you're not going to care or become lazy or unmotivated.

Tim Ferriss and Brené Brown talk about this in this video...

Short video: 

Full video:

It's as though complacency and self-acceptance share space. Brené makes it clear she doesn't believe that.

Whiteboard... doodling... venn diagram... complacency and self-acceptance and two separate areas. No overlap. 

I don't believe that when you have self-acceptance you have complacency.

I believe the opposite happens.

I believe that when you can say that you know who you are I think it makes you unstoppable. Unshakable and unstoppable because you know what you're here for and you know who you are.

You are fired up and ready to go!

There's just something special about people that have this quality.

I'm sure you've met them. I'm sure you can think of people in your life that you get that feeling from that they really know who they are.

There's a special quality in that person that we all gravitate and magnetize to. It's appealing and attractive because it's something that we recognize as having the ability to enhance the quality of your life and where you're heading in life. 

This can deeply impact you. 

This can enliven and inspire you. 

People who know who they are really do accept themselves.

They do not loose their motivation and check out or something like that. I believe it's the very thing that takes them into the real game of life.

I know for me when I started doing clarity mapping at the time I was so lost. I was asking who am I? What am I here for? I felt like I wasn't going to get to be here for as long a ride. I knew that I couldn't take for granted my life and my quality of life due to some health concerns. This triggered me to get really clear so that I could make the most of the time I had. I realized... that's not as easy to do! I realized I needed to invent a structure to support myself in this inquiry.

There were many reminders around me constantly that my life could be cut short at any moment. 

At any moment... that's it!

They could be putting the date at the end of the dash. 

1976- it could all be done!

The deal could be done.

My ride here could be over so did I make the most of it?

Was I here for all of it and did I really show up as myself?

Did I get to that point where I accomplished what I came here to do?

I believe it's part of our life's journey to come into this world and discover and clarify and master why we are here.

I believe it's your only job. 

To learn who you are and then free yourself to live your meaning and express your purpose.


It's your superpower!

It's sitting there and asking yourself,


This is a special experience, asking yourself that question, and it can take you on a really enjoyable journey.

Especially if you're hanging out with us! 

I invite you to learn clarity mapping. 

Learn how to answer that question.

Visit and get yourself started with the Phase Finder.

We'll take you through finding out your phase... learning a little bit more about your phase... and then inviting you to learn clarity mapping in the ShineOn™ Experience.

ShineOn™ Experience

  • Toolkit includes playbook
  • Clarity Mapping Course
  • Membership included into the Collective

We're all working in this work together being curious and working our own clarity maps and playbooks.

Really getting into the game of life. 

Really getting into understanding who we are.

Understanding who we are becoming.

It's so fun and it feels so good.

I really want you to know that it's out there, it's available to you.

I created it for you so that this doesn't feel so elusive and daunting and as though there is so much heavy heavy lifting. 

I've dedicated myself this this work.

I am committed to investigating and exploring and creating more and more tools for your playbook for all of our collective members. 

There's always something coming and being created to enhance your experience in your journey.

It really is time to get curious and have some fun!

I really believe it can be fun.

I know it can also be scary.

It can also be fun.

It feels so good to have you here.

To be welcoming you to ShineOn™ and your superpower of being curious about your own awesomeness!

I hope it feels good for you to be here.

If it does I invite you to come join us.

Be in this energy of curiosity.

Thank you for being here.

I promise you it's possible for this to be a good time.

Until next time, my wish for you is that you stay curious and absolutely, absolutely LOVE who you are BECOMING.

mwah, xo, Lucy

P.S. oh just remembered to share... the HOT tune of the day was...

Pitbull Ft. Anthony Watts & DJWS - I Feel Good

Oh yes... I feel so good when I stay curious! LOL!

P.P.S.Oh and here's the link to this video just in case...

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