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{Ep. 10} Glitches keep me going

May 31, 2022



Catching up on two weeks due to that pesky mute button on my mic!

So fun to be progressing with all things ShineOn™!!!

From last week

-Donald Miller-Story Brand-loving it!

-Sona- thanks for having me on to deliver my ShineOn™ Parent Guide Workshop style! That was so fun! Grab it here...

Welcoming Super Woman Mistral to Team ShineOn™! You are one brave soul to take me on! Thanks for being here and being SO passionate about our mission! YAY!

This week

-NEW Phase Finder!

Grab it here soon...

New resources being developed

-ShineOn™ Snapshot-your personalized moment in time ShineOn™ style.

-ShineOn™ Phase Quiz- so fun!

-Oh and last but not lease the introduction of the ShineOn™ Collective as the membership component that is included when you invest in the ShineOn™ Experience! It's so awesome and it's yours for LIFE!

Until next time, ShineOn™ and absolutely LOVE who you are BECOMING!


In this episode you'll learn .. 

  • Wonder Wednesday Impulse Log #10 discusses recent updates on the speaker's work.
  • Lucy missed last week's episode because they recorded with the mute button on.
  • Lucy was invited to deliver the "Shine On Parent Guide" in a workshop.
  • The Parent Guide has a new video that can be found on the speaker's website.
  • Lucy found a helpful resource called "Story Brand" by Donald Miller that helped her bring clarity to her work.
  • Lucy welcomed Mistral to her team as a manager.
  • Mistral is helping Lucy move faster with more clarity.
  • Lucy created a new document called the "Phase Finder" that helps people understand which phase of life they're in.
  • The "Phase Finder" tool is not yet live, but there will be a membership component called the "Shine On Collective" included in the experience.
  • The "Shine On Collective" offers lifetime access to resources and support for members.
  • Lucy also created a quiz to help people understand the concept of phases.
  • The quiz is meant to be a fun way to engage with the material and get a better understanding of the three phases.
  • Lucy is excited to launch the "Phase Finder" tool and hopes people will find it helpful.

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