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{Ep. 11} Switching domains etc.

Jun 07, 2022




In this podcast episode, Lucy shares about their newly launched website, ShineOnMethod.com, and thanks Story Brand and Magnetic Brand Jordan for their help in creating it. They discuss the website's design, brand colors, and features, including the Phase Finder which is available for download in PDF format. They also talk about learning from Story Brand to keep things simple and create a "How It Works" section on the website. Lucy discusses their next steps, including creating a strategy for how people will move through the website, marketing pipelines, and making the toolkit always available. 

In this episode you'll learn .. 

  • Lucy built a completely new website called Shineonmethod.com in the past week.
  • The website has been filled out with all necessary sections.
  • Lucy implemented everything they learned in StoryBrand and was able to create the new website quickly.
  • A new tool called the Phase Finder has been created and is ready to be downloaded.
  • The website includes a "How it works" section with three steps: 1. Find out your phase number, 2. Get into the ShineOn™ experience, and 3. Love who you're becoming.
  • Lucy is currently working on creating a button to sign up for the free phase finder.
  • Lucy is working on the strategy and functionality of how people will move through the website.
  • Lucy is figuring out how to build a customer journey through the website using pipelines or funnels.
  • The toolkit is always available and includes clarity cards, playbook, and a clarity map.
  • Lucy wants the tools to be available to everyone, even if they don't work with her directly.
  • Lucy is working on sorting out the strategy of how the toolkit will be provided to customers.
  • Lucy is grateful to have someone to help her and is working on serving the purpose and getting herself out of the way.
  • Lucy no longer uses lucychangelo.com as it was not serving the purpose of ShineOn™method.


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