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{Ep. 12} We're out there!

Jun 16, 2022



 In this episode you'll learn .. 

  • Lucy is excited about Wonder Wednesday and the launch of the Phase Finder on
  • The Phase Finder has an email sequence, Snapshot, and a chart explaining the gifts of each phase and element.
  • The ShineOn™ method has three loops: freedom, meaning, and expression, each offering a gift depending on the phase you're in.
  • The three phases of the Shine On method are discovery, clarity, and mastery.
  • The Phase Finder helps diagnose which phase you're in based on concepts introduced in the left-hand side of the card.
  • Once you determine your phase, you can capture notes on what's coming up for you and where you'd like to go with that.
  • Lucy is going to the cottage with friends to do quintessential Canadiana.
  • Lucy has been working hard on the Shine On method content and crafting the whole sequence.
  • Mr. Elle has helped the speaker get everything online and working.
  • Lucy brain hurts and needs a break from working on the content.
  • Lucy is proud of what they've accomplished and is excited to launch the Phase Finder.
  • Lucy welcomes everyone to to try out the Phase Finder and give feedback.
  • Lucy plans to explore more about being in a phase of life and the Phase Finder in future chats.


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