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{Ep. 13} Power, puppers and a party

Jun 28, 2022



 In this episode you'll learn .. 

  • Lucy Colangelo is hosting "Wonder Weekly"
  • This week's episode is a reflection on her week
  • She worked on finalizing email sequences, website messaging, and the ShineOn™ Experience page
  • There was a power outage on Thursday which lasted the whole day
  • She was still able to work on her laptop, but couldn't do everything she needed to
  • She ended up working on a project for a friend's birthday party instead
  • She signed on to watch her neighbor's dogs over the weekend
  • She didn't record her weekly episode due to the power outage
  • She's working on version 2.0 of the Clarity Map for ShineOn™
  • The original Clarity Map was a workbook for business consulting
  • The new Clarity Map will have three loops, each with its own element (freedom, meaning, and expression)
  • Lucy has been working on creating icons and designs for the new Clarity Map
  • She is excited about the new Clarity Map and the progress she has made on it.


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