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{Ep. 14} On the other side.

Jun 30, 2022



In this episode you'll learn .. 

  • Lucy is excited that they have made their deadline and are ready to support people with the Shine On experience, which includes the ShineOn™ Toolkit, the Clarity Mapping Course, and the Collective Membership.
  • There are bonuses available to those who purchase the ShineOn™ experience, including Vision Fest, future workshops, and master classes at a discounted price, as well as the opportunity for private sessions with Lucy.
  • Lucy created a logo for the ShineOn™ experience with three loops and three colors, representing the three elements they work towards: freedom, meaning, and expression.
  • The Clarity Mapping course takes a deep dive into personal inquiry using seven questions and 19 steps.
  • The Collective Membership includes monthly Q&A sessions and new materials for personal playbooks.
  • Lucy has been working on the ShineOn™ experience since 2018, and it's now all coming into form.
  • Lucy invites anyone interested in discovering who they really are and empowering themselves to visit and get their own phase finder.
  • The goal of the ShineOn™ experience is to help people live fully self-expressed, find meaning, and feel free.
  • Lucy is celebrating the end of the school year with their family by going out for sushi.
  • Lucy is from Canada, and July 1st is Canada Day.
  • Lucy encourages people to get curious about who they really are and to get started with the ShineOn™ experience.
  • The ShineOn™ experience can help people get into a new framework and mindset that supports discovery and clarity.
  • Lucy is passionate and a little freaked out but feels that it's okay and encourages people to embrace their passion.


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