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{Ep. 18} Unlocking and activating your full potential.



Lucy Colangelo welcomes listeners to her episode titled "Unlocking and Activating Your Full Potential". She explains that unlocking creates an awareness of something waiting inside while activating brings the discovery into reality. To reach the full potential for joy, peace and empowerment one must consciously create a new identity in order to have a meaningful life.



Hello, and welcome to the Wonder Experience with me, Lucy Colangelo, I'm so excited that you're here and I'm super, super excited about this episode. It's called Unlocking and Activating Your Full Potential. Now, unlocking creates the awareness that there is something there to be investigated and explored while activating supports, bringing what is discovered into being and making it real every single day. Now, it took some time for me to learn this and realize that we need to be consciously creating a new identity that we can, you know, achieve our full potential for success or satisfaction. We want joy. We want peace in our lives. We wanna, you know, basically feel fully empowered and expressed and have a rich and meaningful life. And I feel there's this distinction between unlocking and activating, and there's a lot that I've been listening to online. And I just wanna share that for me, I see it as a bridge.

There's this bridge that we need to cross between the desire to unlock ourselves and the desire to activate ourselves. and this bridge requires that we be really gentle and kind and generous and even patient with ourselves. as we work to figure it out. Figure out what's the gap? Where am I with unlocking myself and activating myself every day? Feel like it can be fleeting, and we see it, and then it goes away. Uh, if you find yourself struggling to cross the bridge, you may also have things that need healing, like I did, and I just recently realized this, so I'm so excited to share. you know, there's this sense of confidence and self-love that I realized that I needed to be cultivating for myself, uh, to be able to say, I'm no longer wondering if I have something special in me to share.

I know that I do. And now I want to be in this space of activating it in my life every day. That was a very special moment. That was the moment when I decided that I was here and I'm worthy, worthy of being here, worthy of being seen and heard for exactly who I am. And I want that for you. I want you to have that moment when you decide that you are here and worthy, worthy of being seen and heard for exactly who you are. I'm pretty sure everyone experiences it differently, but I don't think we ever forget the moment. And the moment happened to me on a coaching call just recently, where I realized that I was playing small 

On purpose again. I was very angry and frustrated with myself, and I had to realize that I hadn't let go of some experiences that I'd had in my past. I hadn't let go of these hurts and disappointments and breakdowns, and I'll probably talk about that a lot in the future. I've, for now nicknamed it My Hamster Wheel of Suffering . And it's because there's these cycles, these cycles of disappointment and breakdowns, and they're on repeat. And I finally realized, I've been here before. I've felt this way before. Why am I here again? I've been doing this work for so long, and for me, I was really angry and frustrated. You can call it one of those wall kicking moments where you're honestly just, you just wanna scream . 

And I was overwhelmed with rage in that instant. I was so angry. Ugh, I'll never forget the feeling. I realized, like right in that moment of the, of this anger, I realized that my suffering was a choice. That it was all a self-imposed hell. Hell, I realized I wasn't a very loving steward of the gift that is my life. I'm gonna say that again. I realized I wasn't a very loving steward of the gift that is my life. I decided I never wanted to feel like this again. I never wanted to be in this place again, my hamster wheel of suffering. This constant feeling of unworthiness. Who would choose to be that mean to themselves? You know, like, think about how you talk to yourself and is there kindness there? Or are you hurting yourself with your own thoughts? Apparently I was hurting myself with my own thoughts, and that was my revelation. 

I wasn't really believing that I was deserving of love. I don't, that's what it all boils down to, to me. I tell my kids all the time that they are miracles of God and just their existence proves that I want them to believe that for themselves to never question their worthiness of being and also of being here, being alive, being on this planet right now. That is the gift. And I think that we all question that we all question and need to come to terms with our own, I mean, sovereignty, I guess, but also just that, that, that there's a confidence there that I'm here. You know, if you're Listening to this, you are worthy. You are a miracle. You are here. And that is all the proof you need. You were born into your circumstances to make a difference right where you are right now, even today, if you choose to, it's all happening for a reason. You're worthy of it. And I think that you need to believe that you were born with gifts and that they can never be removed, but they must be activated. Believe in those gifts. I believe that the most loving and kind thing you could do for yourself right now is to choose to believe me. Believe in yourself, believe in your gifts. Believe that you're here for a reason. You believe that you are love. Choose to believe that. And being here is your source of empowerment and worthiness. Choose to believe it. The trick is though, there is a trick to all of this, and that is that we are so powerful that we scare ourselves.

Our minds are so sophisticated and we can grasp such deep and meaningful concepts that we question and complicate our search for meaning. It's wonderful to ask yourself why you're here. That's great. I'm trying to express that. There's a little step that I've discovered that happens right before that. And my raw breakdown moment is that I realized that I had to work to overcome that I'm here in the first place, so that I could get to that good stuff of exploring why I had to realize it was time to change what I was focusing on. I had to say to myself, I'm here now, what you know. And I realized I had to find myself walking in that darkness again to really get how it feels. You know, I don't think I realized that I was in it again. And I think that's what today's recording's all about, is to be mindful and cultivate this awareness that you may be in this deep and dark and depressing feeling, and it might be a really low point.  

it's unconscious and it's there. anytime that you kind of feel unconscious in your life, you might need to take a look and see if you're, uh, wandering into that darkness. I can never forget what that feels like, and I can never stop sharing that. I know that it exists and that it feels very real. I know I'm meant to talk about it because I know I'm called to shine the light into that darkness . Now it's really funny. I need my company shine on long before I really knew what it meant. I think I've only just realized what it meant. So I probably will do a whole other episode on how much fun we could make fun of it on the fact that I've had all these false starts with my willingness to go there and do this thing and share these stories of what's happening when we are trying, you know, to connect to ourselves and to understand ourselves and unlock our potential and find all that goodness. 

So, back to that first self act, self activation exercise that I experienced. I didn't realize I was in it, but I I was in that self activation experience where there I was, I'm in the darkness again. It's that hamster wheel of suffering. It's the same conversation, it's the same breakdown, and I'm being told to look at it and heal it. So for me, it happened in an instant. What I realized it, I, I was just like, oh my gosh, that's my own self-imposed kind of suffering. And in that moment, this like heat just like washed over me, like hot water from the top of my head all the way down. And I stepped into, I am here. I had that revelation no longer questioning that I'm here. That's the distinction. That was it. I was activated into my being. I felt different. It was instantaneous. 


I realized I was worthy of being here, and that's it. And then it's not anywhere complicated than that. Now, the memory of that feeling is what I draw on every day to activate myself into my new conscious identity. Now I'm finding that my new identity is evolving with me as I explore my why. And it's very different and it's very freeing. and I'm realizing that this isn't a set it and forget it kind of thing. It was okay that I had this really powerful experience and everything shifted for me. But every day I wake up, I realize, oh my gosh, I have that choice to make again. And am I gonna natter away at myself with these thoughts of unworthiness? And honestly, fair warning, they still come up. They come up in many forms. I'm learning how to identify them more accurately, accurately and more quickly. so is it the choice of that unworthiness? Or am I gonna go out there and just be me and ask myself, what would the I am hear me do? So that's what I did today, . I realize I have to be very conscious and active in how I do this. And so I wrote down for myself, this is what it is. This is who I am. This is how I show up. This is how I process things. And it's no longer about unlocking what's the go, what's inside. Cause I know there's so much goodness there. 

And I can access it. I can access it now. And now it's all about activating myself every single day to bring it out into the world. and so there's this quote that I lean on from Rumi. The wound is the place where the light enters you. So now I recognize my wound and I see my light, and I visit it every single day and get conscious and present to it and realize, okay, this is the point. This is where the light enters me and where I share it out into the world. I can tell you so far, I'm having a whole lot of fun. Uh, I don't think I've felt this free in, uh, my message and what I have to share as I do in this moment. this connection is really powerful and real. And at the same time, it's, it feels light and bright, and I have this connection to my creativity again. 

And I'm finding myself daydreaming and imagining what I can do. It feels expansive. It's not at all frightening anymore. I feel liberated and free. and I see all these opportunities and possibilities that surround me, and they've just been, they've always been there. And that's why I know that, you know, we've been given these gifts and that they can never be removed. They can never. And once we can access and see them and unlock them, we can then activate them out into the world. and this, this recording today is about that. So I want you to feel that for yourself. I wanted to share what my journey, what my experience was like, and create this conversation around the distinction of not just unlocking, but activating yourself every single day. And I wanna see that for you. And I'm excited to show up and share and shine that light into the darkness so that hopefully you can see where the light enters you. 

And then I hope you'll choose to bravely and courageously be you and not be hindered. if there is anything that gets in the way, if you find that darkness creeping in, there's some healing that is preventing you from truly accessing and living that meaningful and wonderful life. So let's explore that together. I'll keep showing up. I've got all kinds of things that help me, uh, shine on is my company. We work on, you know, activating your potential. And we have this thing called the clarity map. And I teach people how to, how to get into that conversation with themselves, where they can process things better, and give it, you know, give it space in their lives and a structure to follow so that you can explore and investigate what's going on and see what discoveries come up for you so you can get to know yourself better, unlock yourself, and eventually activate into your full potential. You know? So if there's anything that comes up for you with this, I hope you've enjoyed it. I hope that you'll move forward and pay attention and be aware of, hey, where, where is it that you might be playing small and shy and unworthy and maybe hiding out a little in your life, uh, where you could bring a little bit more light, and activate yourself. So thanks for listening and we'll see you next time.

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