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{Ep. 18} Unlocking and activating your full potential.

Mar 07, 2023




Lucy Colangelo welcomes listeners to her episode titled "Unlocking and Activating Your Full Potential". She explains that unlocking creates an awareness of something waiting inside while activating brings the discovery into reality. To reach the full potential for joy, peace and empowerment one must consciously create a new identity in order to have a meaningful life.


In this episode you'll learn .. 

  • The episode is about unlocking and activating one's full potential.
  • Unlocking creates awareness that there is something to investigate and explore.
  • Activating supports bringing what is discovered into being and making it real every day.
  • One needs to be consciously creating a new identity to achieve full potential for success or satisfaction, joy, peace, empowerment, and expression in life.
  • There is a distinction between unlocking and activating, which is like a bridge that requires patience, kindness, and generosity with oneself.
  • If one struggles to cross the bridge, there may be things that need healing, such as confidence and self-love.
  • The moment when one decides that they are here and worthy of being seen and heard for exactly who they are is crucial.
  • There may be moments when one realizes they are playing small on purpose and are angry and frustrated with themselves.
  • One may have to let go of past experiences that cause hurt, disappointment, and breakdowns.
  • There may be cycles of disappointment and breakdowns that repeat and cause suffering, but one can choose to stop the self-imposed hell and become a loving steward of their life.
  • It is crucial to believe in oneself and one's gifts and that being here is a source of empowerment and worthiness.



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In the Activate Now Podcast, Lucy takes you into her world as she gets curious about what it means to be fully activated in your life. Every episode is packed with interesting ideas, new strategies, relatable stories, practical guidance and the tools and encouragement you need to activate yourself into a better life.
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