{Ep. 21 } Consistent imperfection beats inaction every time

Apr 26, 2023


In this special collaboration with Driven Life, we're exploring how the ShineOn™ Framework can support you to keep going with imperfect progress over inaction.

Lucy joins Anissa Marcanio and Miguel Diaz, as a guest in their private community. They are building the fastest growing online health and fitness coaching company in Canada, Driven Life. 

They discuss the power of consistent imperfection in the journey towards reaching our fitness goals and how that beats inaction every time.

Lucy talks about how the ShineOn™ Framework can provide you with the confidence and clarity you need to succeed in any area of your life. She shares how it helps her stay consistent even if some days are far from perfect!

With ShineOn™ Clarity Mapping there are three parts, Mindset, Clarity and Action.

The discussion gets into how mindset can help individuals identify their values, strengths, and weaknesses, and create a sustainable roadmap for achieving their goals. Getting and staying focused, on the bigger picture helps us stay in it when things get tough.

Lucy shares that she sums up her goals in the area of fitness by three things. She is committed to being nourished, strong and happy. Every day she checks in that she's making choices and taking actions that satisfy that desire.

Taking a sustainable approach where your days don't have to be 'perfect' to reach your goals can help you stay in the game and work your plans to support overall health and well-being.

Lucy shares her 'hamster wheel of suffering' story of how she got stuck and how she got out of it. Her realization helps her put an emphasis on self-care and self-compassion in maintaining motivation and staying on track... however imperfectly!

When it comes to winning it's all about transforming from the inside out. 

Stay in the game by letting go of perfection... tune-in and get ready to be inspired!

Ready to ShineOn™? Start using mindset, clarity and action, for your goals today!




 " Origin story of clarity mapping

" Three parts of Clarity Mapping summed up..."

 " My clients saw my purpose before I did... I am forever grateful.

... teen life coaching
... teen career exploration
... parent communication support too!

Clarity mapping with ShineOn™ is taking us in all kinds of exciting directions.

Super proud to be influencing the trajectory of young lives everywhere. "

" Why?

What triggered your commitment to yourself?

How do you investigate and explore the meaning of showing up as the best version of yourself?

You can use the ShineOn™ Framework of mindset, clarity and action to start to find focus... immediately.

Especially with one of life's most important goals fitness and nutrition.

We all only get one body and it facilitates every experience we can have... find your meaning and your why for prioritizing it. "


"Having flexibility in our mindset is a super power."
-Miguel Diaz

We get into our typical definition of success and how without meaning and feeling satisfaction we feel empty.

We can risk finding ourselves feeling unfulfilled and asking, "what's the point?"

Reminds me of a quote I love...

Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” Tony Robbins

"Talking about grace.

Building on the idea of a flexible mindset.

I think what we're really trying to say here is that to have a flexible mindset, is to have a resilient one. That requires embracing our failures. In fact, plan for them! We need to build failing into our mindset!

We are dynamic human beings. We are not failures because we can't operate like computers and clocks and robots. If we are defining ourselves with that lens we stand NO chance of winning.

Take your power back and get back in the game! " 

" When we're chasing perfect we should look at why we do not feel worthy.

To find real success and satisfaction we must be prepared to question our own beliefs.

The fulfillment and satisfaction that comes with success that is authentic and hard-won and messy is the only real way that I have found to protect myself from feelings of inadequacy.

I'm doing it imperfect and that means I cannot be taken down. I know how to get right back up again.

I don't live with a fear of loosing it all, I know how and what it took to get to every victory. "

 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Being in the life coaching business and is also in teenager career counseling through her program called ShineOn™
  • Discussing how clarity mapping technique has helped clients gain clarity and They focus on mindset clarity and action and have found that teenagers often struggle with fear of failure and rejection.
  • Discussing their personal health journey and managing stress without medication.
  • Emphasizing the importance of keeping a positive mindset and making it a game to try new things.
  • Discussing the importance of movement and making it a fun activity, rather than focusing on prescribed routines.
  • Encouraging people to tame their minds and focus on the narrative they tell themselves.
  • We were discussing the challenge of feeling stuck in the same place and the importance of constantly trying new things.
  • Believing that happiness and fun go hand-in-hand and are important components of overall well-being.
  • Note that everyone can make a case for how difficult their life is and that it's their choice to focus on challenges or find opportunities to overcome them.
  • Acknowledges that some strategies work and others don't, but it's important to keep trying new things.
  • Believing that it's possible to find clarity and overcome doubts and insecurities with the right mindset and focus.


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