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{Ep. 22 } Creating that Parent-Teen Connection-Get Curious About Who They Are

May 03, 2023


“I feel called to speak to parents, called to invite them into this new conversation with themselves, to be reflective, to see why they feel the impulses and the urges to lead in the way that they do in their parenting relationship. And especially if they come to me and they're asking that they want to do better than just surviving the teenage years, they want to be thriving in those years. Well, it's about that tuning-in and that curiosity and creating that connection with the child. And I can tell you, I have yet to meet a teenager that doesn't light up when they're with me. When they truly believe that I am curious about who they are. It's my, it's my access point, when I'm able to make that connection and say, you know what? It's all inside you. You've got it. Let's explore, let's investigate, let's get curious. I want to know you. I want to know what you're all about, what you're here to do. All that good stuff. It unlocks them and it opens this access to all these potentials, all this possibility, all this wonder and amazement about how they fit into this world and what they're here to create and do. And the parents that can reflect on how they came to be in this position, in this parenting role, and reflect on what their goals are as parents to get their child to adulthood, developmentally, that's a parent that's done some work and some self-reflection."

It's important for parents to recognize that adolescence is a critical period in a child's life where they are developing their sense of self and forming their identity. Parents can play a significant role in supporting their child's development by being present, engaged, and open-minded. Self-reflection can be a powerful tool for parents to gain awareness of their own biases, beliefs, and behaviors that may impact their relationship with their child.

By examining their own upbringing and experiences, parents can gain a deeper understanding of how they came to be who they are and how that may influence their parenting. This can help parents become more attuned to their child's needs and feelings, leading to more effective communication and a stronger relationship.

Overall, the parent guide has the potential to provide valuable insights and guidance for parents navigating the challenges of raising a teenager.



In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • (00:01): A strong calling to lead conversations about personal growth and reflection, which has been a lifelong interest influenced by childhood experiences

  • (01:18):Being difficult for my parents, especially mom, as a teenager due to my fearless and disruptive behavior, questioning why things were done a certain way and advocating for adaptation and resilience.

  • (02:18):feeling an intense energy to go out and experience things, which has compelled me to record a message on my phone to share my mission with the world.

  • (02:58):I am putting out a new guide for parents with teens, aimed at improving parent-child relationships during adolescence and forming identities, with a focus on self-reflection and past experiences.

  • (04:13): I believe reflecting on past experiences without catching up with the changing world can be detrimental to a child's upbringing, and parents should focus on healing past traumas to better connect with their child.

  • (05:42):Parents need to understand that their child is an individual and watching them closely, and it's important to establish a good connection with them to build trust and avoid confusion.
  • (07:03):Parents need to reflect on their behavior towards their teenagers and encourage their self-discovery.

  • (08:09):Get to know them, and support their growth and development.

  • (09:09):Rejecting a child's autonomy is hurtful and affects their future relationships, and it's important to reflect on why one may be controlling or disempowering as a parent.

  • (10:12):Reflecting on our own minds is crucial for effective parenting, and creating connection with our children is key to thriving relationships.

  • (11:11):Making a genuine connection with teenagers through curiosity and exploration unlocks their potential, and reflective parents who consider their parenting goals have done some self-reflection.

  • (12:18):Establishing a connection between parent and teenager is crucial for both parties to thrive, but it can be a struggle due to a loss of trust.

  • (13:25):Suppressing a child's voice and not being curious about who they are is disempowering and damaging, and can lead to them feeling unworthy as they grow up.

  • (14:35):My goal is to disrupt and transform the belief that children are not good enough and empower them with skills to keep up with the changing world.

  • (15:46):To raise a resilient child with a strong sense of self, it requires encouraging their empowerment and evolving identity while adapting to changing environments, and self-reflection is just the start.


  • (16:45):An invitation to reflect on your parenting and connect with your child to unleash their greatness.

  • (17:46):I offer a masterclass and a downloadable PDF with a question to help transform your relationship with your child, and move into a supportive role to empower them on their journey to adulthood.

  • (18:52):I urge you to create a deep and meaningful connection with your teen, guiding and supporting them on their journey to adulthood, which will lead to a wonderful and amazing future for both of you.

  • (19:58):I want to help parents and their teens thrive and create a deep, meaningful connection through my clarity mapping.

  • (20:46):I want to create a brighter, empowered future for everyone and believe it's possible. Join my communities and let's connect. Thank you for listening.

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