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{Ep. 8} How to unlock yourself and other nuggets in this week's Impulse Log

May 12, 2022




Launching the first ever episode on YouTube of the Lucy Colangelo Wonder Experience. This is episode 8 from the podcast and I'm excited to be here!

This episode goes over a few awesome things in my Impulse Log and here are the links to my blog posts about the material.


My fav nuggets this week were;

-Figuring things out

-Impulse log

-Script of the ShineOn™ Beginner's Guide

-I value the scenic route over being succinct

-ShineOn™ Clarity Mapping

-Arc of your life concept of time in Beginner's Guide

-Brené Brown and Tim Ferris, "I wish someone told me this when I was your age." from Motivation Thrive video and full video in blog. Unlocking yourself. Having a willingness to unlock yourself. Create self awareness. It's the hardest work I've ever done and it's the hardest work anyone can do.

-Episode 1791 from Joe Rogan with Sadhguru, the word INTERIORITY. "take charge of your interiority". It's a journey inward. An interiority exploration experience is what I have created with ShineOn™. It's how you take charge and get into getting to know yourself, your interiority!

-Psychology Today, Dr. Peter Gray Ph.D., Freedom to Learn, Why Kids Are Suffering. The 3 crucial human needs.

-Oprah with Johan Hari, on her Podcast, Stolen Focus Pt1. and Pt2. Why You Can't Pay Attention and How to Think Deeply Again. We're distracted! Such a great explanation to gain understanding.



Remember that the minute you take your first step into the life of your dreams, the first to greet you there will be fear. Nod. Keep walking.

-Brianna Wiest


I love investigating, exploring and sharing what's been on my mind and in my Impulse Log. I will be posting every week and welcoming you into my Wonder World!

Thanks for being here!

As always, my wish for you is that you love who you are becoming,


In this episode you'll learn .. 

  • Lucy Colangelo shares her creative impulses in this episode called Impulse Log.
  • She shared the first version of the script for the Shine On Beginners Guide, which will be available on her website for those interested in clarity mapping and having their own playbook.
  • She also discussed her concept of time and how it is more about watching your time in the big picture rather than just managing your calendar.
  • Lucy Colangelo wants to share her knowledge with young people and provide them with guidance, awareness, and support through her Shine On method.
  • She watched a video on YouTube featuring Brené Brown and Tim Ferriss where they discussed how to unlock oneself and create self-awareness.
  • Lucy Colangelo finds value in the concept of interiority exploration and plans to write about it on her website.
  • She printed out an article by Peter Gray on why kids are suffering today.
  • Lucy Colangelo plans to write blogs about the various topics she discusses in her Impulse Log.
  • She enjoys documenting her journey and sharing what is going on in her life with her followers.
  • She struggled to figure out how to use YouTube and podcasting but continues to share her content regardless.
  • Lucy Colangelo believes in taking the scenic route and sharing all the details rather than just giving a succinct summary.
  • She loves Wednesdays and plans to share her Impulse Log every week.
  • Lucy Colangelo values self-awareness and self-exploration and wants to encourage others to do the same through her content.



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