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{Ep. 9} Dreaming Big in My Clarity Map

May 17, 2022




In this week's episode of Wonder Wednesdays I share my Clarity Map for ShineOn™ and how I plan to show up to share this framework and do this work with you.

In this episode you'll learn .. 

  • Lucy Colangelo welcomes the viewers and shares what she's planning to launch in the coming months.
  • She talks about themes and patterns emerging in how she talks to people.
  • She states that a lot of her content is geared towards young adults and the new generation.
  • Lucy believes that it's important to explore common questions to know ourselves better.
  • She calls the mission "unlocking," and she wants to help people figure out what their next move is and feel empowered.
  • Lucy shares that she wants to unlock people because if they're not clear on themselves, they're lost, and it's hard to operate at peak performance.
  • She shares her vision of solving big problems such as the monstrous island of garbage in the ocean.
  • She believes that everyone has unique gifts and talents that need to be aligned to transform the world and live in a better world.
  • Lucy invites everyone to explore the answers to big questions to achieve clarity around what that looks like for themselves.
  • She wants to bring a process of inquiry that is open and unbounded to support viewers in the conversation with themselves and in the community.
  • Lucy believes that if everyone follows a structured method, it can become something that elevates everyone and solves problems.
  • She envisions a mobilized community that can handle and treat problems in a better way.
  • Lucy calls the viewers to action and invites them to be curious and explore the answers to big questions.


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In the Activate Now Podcast, Lucy takes you into her world as she getsĀ curiousĀ about what it means to beĀ fully activatedĀ in your life. Every episode is packed with interesting ideas, new strategies, relatable stories, practical guidance and the tools and encouragement you need to activate yourself into aĀ better life.
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