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{Ep. 20} How parents can get present and connect with teens

Apr 17, 2023



Welcome to the Activate Now podcast! In this episode we are thrilled to be joined by our friend Nancy, who is a mother, grandmother, retired school teacher, astrologer and yoga instructor. We wanted to have her join us today after I posted an Instagram post about wishing your parents had taken you more seriously when you were a teenager. Nancy reflected on how she remembers feeling like her parents weren't fully present during that time in life. Let's dive into this conversation as we discuss ways for being better present with each other.

It's great that we have this awareness of our gifts and how they've been with us for a long time. It's unfortunate that sometimes young people's experiences and perspectives are not always taken seriously or acknowledged by adults, but it's important to continue to speak up for them and advocate for their voices to be heard.

To understand and appreciate the unique gifts and talents that everyone possesses. By activating and nurturing these gifts, we can all reach our full potential and make positive contributions to the world around us.

In this Episode You'll Learn . . 


  • Activate Now podcast episode featuring guest Nancy Drew, who is a retired school teacher, astrologer, and yoga teacher.

  • The episode discusses a post that Lucy has  put up on Instagram about wishing parents gave more credit to and took more seriously during  their teenage year.

  • Nancy shares that she remembers her parents not being present enough to notice what she was doing during her teenage years.

  • The conversation revolves around wanting parents to wake up to themselves so they can be more present with their children.

  • Nancy has four children and three grandchildren, and astrology has helped her open up to something new.

  • Astrology has worked for the Nancy to open herself up and look at her chart.
  • The Taurus energy is discussed as being slow-moving, practical, solid, grounding, and fixed.

  • Nancy’s moon is in Cancer, which is nurturing and authoritative.

  • The Sagittarius energy is discussed as being flexible, a freedom seeker, intuitive, and spontaneous.

  • The host shares how she keeps herself elevated and reminds herself to stay true to who she is by keeping a candle lit in the house.

  • Nancy discusses her family and how the age gap between her siblings affected their relationship.

  • Nancy struggled with self-confidence until she took up astrology and sports, which gave her confidence.

  • The episode ends with a discussion about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.




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