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Interview with Karen Head

Dec 01, 2021
Parents are my people, and I want to talk to them about this new conversation that I think we need to be having with our young people or with our teenagers.

Wonderful conversation with Karen Head on a Wellness Wednesday edition of her show.

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Parents are my people, and I want to talk to them about this new conversation that I think we need to be having with our young people or with our teenagers.


In the teenage years, there's an awakening that's happening to them they actually know themselves better than we actually think.


if you're the kind of parent that's curious and wants to see where will this conversation go? I'm the kind of person that's out here stimulating that and coming up with ideas.


It's an interior job, it's an inner work thing that you are connecting your child with what's going on in them, helping them get to know themselves, and helping them develop a future focus. 


Kids start to understand that they have to try things to learn, so they understand that they have to embrace failure, and it's not really failing, but, there are judgments. 


When you start to feel like you really know yourself, you do start to like yourself.


As adults, we can sometimes step back and go, who are we? where are we going in life? 

But especially in the teen years and in the young adult years. Most of them don't know what they want to do they're so lost and it really affects their mental health because it really lends a lot of stress into their life because they're looking at it as a permanency thing, which it's not necessarily.


“I love the structure you have with this program to bring out these conversations and to discover amazing things about themselves. Their talents and their gifts. That's fascinating.”

                                                                                                                          -Karen Head


It's also important to just realize that if we don't create that safe space to be in inquiry, to be curious you could put the label I'm lost on it.


Shift the tone, and the context of the conversations you're having with your kids. Make them excited, make them curious.


Open yourself up to something that makes your children’s world bigger, makes your world bigger, and makes all the possibilities ahead, so much brighter.


Start with the conversation. See what happens. Get curious about what they might say.


The shine is that I believe that there's this greatness that's locked inside of us that life is causing us to discover. 


I like  ShineOn™ because that was so great the way you explained that and, uh, really I think expresses your program just so perfectly.

                                                                                                                          -Karen Head

You can be in discovery, you can be in clarity, or you can be in mastery.


Milestone moments can happen that knock us back, and milestone moments can happen that take us forward and it's all in doing this clarity mapping work.


I'm starting with the young people and I focus on the parents and teens because I want to set this foundation early. When the awakening happens


“The difference you're making is really so impactful. More than you probably even know or realize.”

                                                                                                                       -Karen Head


I'm out here waving the flag saying answers are not to be found out there it is inside of you. Inside of you. 


I believe that the universe it's like physics. Then the things magnetized to you, they come to you, they meet the opportunities, materialize the right things start to fall into place and line up. 


Why am I so passionate and why did I do this? Because I know that our country, and our society are stronger when people are at their best and when they're not at their best. We're weaker. 


I'm out here doing this work trying to illuminate this topic and trying to bring people into a new experience because I want to guide people to their calling, to their careers effectively, more effectively, more efficiently, and quicker.

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