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It's official... I'm a public speaker!

Feb 01, 2023

It's official...

I'm a public speaker! 

After what honestly feels like a decade I got behind the mic and lead a keynote and workshop at a corporate retreat, AGM, for a company with over 50 employees. 

My talk was called Masters of Change. It covered how I see the future, technology, how the world is changing and how I believe we need to adapt so we can thrive. I enjoyed driving my message home that we need to be in a new conversation around all of this. There was some personal sharing like the story of how and why I created the ShineOn™ Method and what clarity mapping has the power to do for companies and individuals. Yes, it's safe to say, I loved every minute of it!

We built a company Playbook with all the team members in an interactive experience. Groups travelled from table to table visiting each question on the clarity map and that helped them get into that new conversation I like to go on and on about! 

We also completed a self-activation exercise individually right out of their personal ShineOn™ Playbooks. Each team member got one! The feedback was exactly what I was hoping for. 

"It's just 3 steps, so simple and so effective!" 


I was thrilled to be out there sharing my message and initiating individuals and this company into this powerful framework. 

Mindset > Clarity > Action… repeat!

I'm now getting even more excited because the entire company has also joined my community... the ShineOn™ Collective. For the next year they will be supported with new monthly tools for working their clarity maps and I could not be more thrilled!

My vision, my dream, is taking shape and I am so grateful. Best part is this pic was taken by my daughter. She happened to not have school that day so she was there! There's nothing like your child watching to give you that boost to 'do the thing!'!!! 

It's been a couple weeks and I’m still vibing high that I actually did it! 

Which leads me to... admitting that this is all turning into a feeling like I want do this every day! 


If you're looking for a speaker on any of the above ... please connect because I am officially 


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