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{One-Minute Wonder} Lucy the speaker?

Nov 18, 2022


Hello Wonderful Friends,

So this past week a huge thing happened! I am celebrating being booked as a speaker! I am going to be the keynote speaker and workshop facilitator for a company AGM! Yes, an AGM, an Annual General Meeting! People are getting together in rooms again! YAY!

You know the universe truly has your back when you get a request to quote out of the blue! That's what happened and I feel so blessed that they even thought of me, much less gave me the opportunity to quote.

So, of course, I jumped right into creating a proposal for a blend of my speaking and clarity mapping with ShineOn™ and they loved it. Best of all everyone participating is going to get a ShineOn™ Playbook and become members of the Clarity Mapping Collective for a year! It's my signature package. 

Check out the screen shot of the note I got back the very next day... YAY!

This is huge! I've added a new Book Lucy section on my website and am creating new materials. Speaking is back on as a possibility and I'm thrilled. 

Thank you all for being here and supporting me along the way. It means the world to me.

Love becoming... a SPEAKER!

XO, Lucy

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