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Dec 01, 2021
It’s live!
My first interview talking about the new ShineOn™ Experience launching December 27th!
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Show Notes : 

ShineOn™ is a framework and a process of self-activation to live your best life.

My focus right now is on having this conversation with parents and teens and encouraging parents to have this conversation with their own teens so they can start their own internal work for their self-empowerment.

Working with teenagers and young adults was so fulfilling and incredible knowing that you impact their lives at this young age.

What's it gonna mean to you to live your best life?

What we think about ourselves, how we understand ourselves, how we see the world and our future, and what our potential is, a lot of that gets decided in those early years, in those formative years. If you reflect, you can realize yes, those were the years when you started to see a future for yourself and who you could become.

Between 12, 13, that's a very special age, right? They're just awakening. They're starting to realize, something they do can cause a consequence. And they're starting to learn responsibility. They're starting to discover their passions.

You have to be curious to discover the answers for yourself

Not knowing is not a scary thing and we can do hard things too. Even if it is scary, we can still figure it out.

Most parents are not ready for when their children go to the next level.

I'm suggesting that we should be prepared and be in the conversation so that we can be supported and keep going in that conversation instead of avoiding it or not realizing that it's happening.

And that preteen teenager when they're ready, when there's more anxiety when they're getting stressed out about things when they’re having any kind of doubt and they're questioning who they are that's where I come in. That's where the tools that ShineOn™ offers, the framework offers the support and it kind of demystifies what it means to know yourself.

There's impermanence to a thought or an idea.

There's this creativity that comes in like, just wait for it. not scripting it and not being in control can be exhilarating but the payoffs are huge because you just don't know where it's gonna take them and that’s the exciting part.

You can have multiple dreams come true. And that's the part of life that really makes life exciting and all of it worth it. When you fails, try again Just keep going.

Take some time, and plant these seeds. Show your support that you want to be in this discovery conversation with your kids. Make it safe, Make it loving,  Make it kind, and make it as fun as possible.

" I'm so excited for this work that you're doing.I just, I love it and I think it's great "

                                                                                                                         - Sharla

Go in and take a look and be curious and see what comes up. It's a safe thing to do,  It's a fun thing to do, and there are not a lot of risks involved.

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