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The Juniper Center: Mom to Mom Interview with Margo Jacquot

Dec 01, 2021

Dr. Margo Jacquot from The Juniper Center and I talking all things, teenagers, self-empowerment, and what parents can do to help them find focus especially if they are struggling in high school or life.

Show Notes: 

We all know how social media is, we decide in an instant. We make those judgments in seconds, infractions of a second. So, authenticity is something that human beings can just zero in on and they can feel it

I took my business-building communications method and turned it into a life planning method. And I created it to be what I call a structure for a conversation to support the conversation.

I'm not a therapist or a counselor. I am not any of those things. But I want to take them through an experience. I want to help them create their future.

I was putting my clients through what I called clarity mapping. You run campaigns every quarter, whatever it is, every season, it was mimicked to be all about personal development, thinking about the future, looking forward, creating, being in discovery, and being curious.

“I'm so excited about that because, first, that's beautiful. The map is beautiful. It's attractive. It's something that I wanted to like look at more closely, but that's really what we're looking for, those moments where we can have such an impact on people, and kids are really struggling and suffering right now. This is so relevant, especially now”Dr. Margo

What I want to do is create freedom and liberty, opportunity and discovery of what someone's potential is like require some inquiry and some deeper digging, And I feel like sometimes we just want to have those answers.

I'm leading parents in a new conversation is what I'm finding. I'm inviting them into this conversation and inviting them to have these conversations with their kids, if anyone's curious about this type of conversation and they want to be in this kind of energy that we're creating today in this conversation, I have a parent guide right off my website. It's the first thing that you see. Get into the parent guide the button's right there, the free guide. You can sign up and there are eight tips and there's a video.

Be in the conversation with your young person. Be in that conversation. I work with kids that are adults living at home. Parents have hooked me up with their kids that finished university and came home and they're still clarifying their lives. The clarity mapping process is something they'll learn and can stay with them for life. It's very empowering to be in inquiry and be curious and all those things. So, start the conversation. Join the conversation, come on in. I welcome you. I can't wait to meet you, we're all in this together. I'm a partner in this, you know like I've got two of them that I'm trying to do all the right things with my husband.

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