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The ShineOn™ Experience

Dec 22, 2021

The puzzle pieces are all coming together.

Join the ShineOn™ Experience as a Founding Member I’d like to go over the benefits you and your teens and young adults could enjoy.

If you’re asking yourself what is it for?
These 9 posts should help;

1. Self-empowerment of young people.

ShineOn™ guides young people into a conversation with themselves. It’s one you can help facilitate and help them practice. Taking a look at who they are and what they have the potential to become in life opens up their world. They start to see the opportunities all around them and naturally expand their belief in what’s possible. This alone is very empowering as it puts them in the driver seat of their lives with you right next to them guiding and encouraging along the way.

With this first benefit parents are always reporting back to me that their kids are becoming more responsible. They pay attention to their actions, what they choose to focus on and what they want out of school and life. It’s amazing!

2. Tool for processing your life

The ShineOn™ Method is a framework to help you process your life. Once you learn to work through the 7 Questions and 14 Steps you find a way to ease the pressure and stress. It’s no longer about having it all figured out and instead about the process of getting to a goal. Parents learn what supportive conversations look like using the framework so that they can help their teens and young adults navigate through the experience. This approach instils a commitment to processing one’s life and therefore naturally shift the focus to the big picture. No more sweating the small stuff.

3. Inspires Curiosity

What is the truth about this life for your young person, teen or young adult? As their parent you know that you don’t have all the answers. You know that it’s something that they will have to discover for themselves. You also want to do your best to help them. Being introduced to this internal conversation early in life creates a very special kind of energy. One where being open and curious opens up a world of opportunities to explore.

4. Unlocks their greatness & potential

What is so special and unique? What are those strengths and talents and skills that set your teen or young adult apart? Following that 7 question, 14 step framework, that I talk about leads to completing a Clarity Map. We also nicknamed it going for a lap around the map. When you repeatedly look at your life in this way amazing things start to become clear. It’s like polishing a gem and soon you see the shine and it sparkles!

5. Reveals your absolute best

Taking part in the ShineOn™ Experience and having these tools handy changes how you process and understand what is happening in your life. The more you flex the muscle of being curious and staying in your truth the more empowered and inspired your are as you go after your passions in life. Learning what brings your life meaning is a great joy to behold. Parents want this more than anything else for their kids. To see them grow into adulthood happy and living their best life. There’s nothing better!

6. Build resilience

Yes, life is going to happen. There will be set-backs. There will be obstacles. So when things are coming at them, you as their parent, will be at ease and confident. You will know you gave them the tools to handle whatever comes. The only way to loose is to give up. The ShineOn™ Method is designed to build resilience each time it is used to process things. It helps answer the questions of ‘how’ to decide on the next best move and keep going.

7. Embrace trying

We don’t call it failure any more. We call it trying things. We also know that we don’t place too much importance on any one particular thing that may not have worked out. We’re learning about the big picture and when things don’t work out we know they are tiny little things and not monsters that we have to be afraid of. We just reevaluate and move forward to coming up with a new plan. We practice releasing the need for perfection and instead embrace the fun and trying things.

8. Creative and Open

This experience is designed to be enjoyed again and again. It’s also fully automated and available on-demand. That means whenever you need you can come back to this work to help you process things. It’s a ‘life happens’ kind of tool that’s there when you need it. The structure provides for more creativity to flow because it brings just the right amount of organization to an otherwise huge concept. Kind of like Goldilocks, our teens and young adults can find comfort with support that’s ‘just right’ for their needs!

9. Confidence and self-love

When the focus is put on all the potential that’s locked up inside you.

When your parents, coaches, and teachers show how committed they are to supporting you as you discover your dreams.

When you live in a space of genuine self-acceptance

the natural side-effect is confidence.

You just can’t help but love yourself more and more and more every single day.

That’s the kind of energy that would make someone, oh, I don’t know, what’s the word?


This Christmas you have a chance to give that kind of gift.


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