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What is self activation in life?

Jan 31, 2023
Self activation is the approach of developing oneself, which includes various benefits such as self-esteem, positive thinking, personal growth and empowerment.

Question: What is self activation in life?

Self activation is, the deliberate effort to think the best of yourself.

Why would you work on activating yourself?

There's a growing body of research that shows that self activation can improve the quality of your life, your emotions, physiology, brain function, and even relationships.

It's a great place to start to develop your self awareness too.

Self activation is also referred to as best-self activation.

How would you start...

2 ways,

1. Take time alone to reflect on times in your life when you were at your best. What brought that on? What were the circumstances? What was the situation and why did you feel at your best. *This can be an excellent way to start the process of clarity mapping your understand of yourself and the life you want.

2. Talk with those that love and care about you. Listen to their stories and reflections of times that they saw you really shine. Hearing stories and feedback about times when you were at your best can also contribute to your understanding of yourself and offer clues for you to explore the path to activate your best self.

Remember this is not an exercise to put pressure on yourself. It is the opposite of that. It is just getting curious about who you are and exploring what it could mean to you to be at your best.

Love becoming,

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